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Friday, May 2, 2008

Achievements Unlocked: Just Cause (Part 2)

In my last Just Cause achievement guide post, I covered the stunt-related achievements and the kill-count achievements (100 Kills, 250 Kills, 500 Kills).

Today, I thought we'd take a quick look at the Collect Mission achievements, the Champion of Races achievements, and the Most Wanted achievements. You'll surprised at how easily you'll be able to pick up these achievements.

In order to make things easy for yourself, I have one prerequisite that you should meet before attempting to clear the collection-related and racing achievements. Somewhere around Story Mission 14, you'll unlock a new Heavy Drop item: the Agency Gyrocopter. Having the ability to get around at high speeds is pretty useful for completing Just Cause's races with ease. And you'll appreciate how quickly you'll be able to whip through the collection missions.

All Collect Missions Completed [45 GamerPoint (+65 GamerPoint)]: Completed Every Collect Mission

There are a total of 13 collect missions found in Just Cause. The items collected vary depending on the collect mission being completed. For example, the collect mission White Beaches sees Rico scouring the beaches of San Esperito looking for boxes of "coca". Other collect missions will see you finding black boxes of downed airplanes or blueprints to a top-secret weapon. Each of the thirteen collect missions will net you 5 GamerPoint apiece. Once you've cleared the All Collect Missions Completed achievement, you'll have collected a total of 110 GamerPoint.

I have only three tips for those of you looking to pick up an easy 110 gamer points:

  1. Use the gyrocopter (or any other helicopter) before attempting any of these collect missions. San Esperito is a big island. And some of the packages are buried deep within the various jungles dotting the landscape.

  2. Be careful when attempting to pick up items near a Military Base. If you happen to fly a little too close to the base, you will be shot down pretty quickly by the San Esperito military. When I first started clearing the collect missions, I was unaware that Military Bases went on alert when you entered their air-space.
  3. And finally, if you can't find an item and you appear to be standing right on top of it, look up. In one instance, there is an item hidden in a statue's hand (same statue as appears in the picture above). Trust me, everyone gets stumped by this one...
For the record, the thirteen collect missions are:
  1. Salt Refinery... Yeah Right [5 GamerPoint]
  2. Back-Door Action [5 GamerPoint]
  3. I Want a Super-Potent Weapon [5 GamerPoint]
  4. I've Got the Blueprints, Man [5 GamerPoint]
  5. I Want My Intel Back [5 GamerPoint]
  6. Red Eyes [5 GamerPoint]
  7. We Have Ways of Making You Talk [5 GamerPoint]
  8. Rico the Beach Comber [5 GamerPoint]
  9. Staying Power [5 GamerPoint]
  10. The Cleavage [5 GamerPoint]
  11. Slippery When Wet [5 GamerPoint]
  12. New Kind of Kick [5 GamerPoint]
  13. White Beaches [5 GamerPoint]
All Race Missions Completed [15 GamerPoint (+45 GamerPoint)]: Complete Every Race Mission

There are nine races that can be completed in Just Cause. These are checkpoint-style races that see Rico attempting to beat a seemingly impressive record time. Although this sounds like it'd be a lot of work (remember how difficult some of the races could be in earlier GTA games?),these races are pretty simple.

Here my tips to picking up some easy achievement points:
  1. You are allowed to bring any vehicle you like to a race. I highly recommend the Agency gyrocopter for 8 out of the 9 races.

  2. To beat a race using the gyrocopter, fly from checkpoint to checkpoint at an altitude that allows you to clear any trees or other obstacles. When you reach a checkpoint, lower your altitude within the lighted marker until you see an onscreen message telling you that you've cleared the checkpoint. Increase your altitude. Lather, rinse, repeat as necessary.

  3. There is only one race that can't be done with the gyrocopter: you'll be using a plane for this last race. Until you know the location of all the checkpoints, this race can be tricky. It can be tricky to pilot a plane through a series of checkpoints. It took me a few tries to complete this race though it could have taken much longer. I will warn you about one tricky checkpoint: it sits right at sea level between a rock cliff and a large rock pedestal rising out of the sea. If you find yourself right on top of a checkpoint and can't seem to find it, look way down and you should see it.
Each of the nine races are worth 5 GamerPoint individually. Clearing all races should take no longer than an hour or two and will earn you a grand total of 60 GamerPoint.

Most Wanted 1 Min [10 GamerPoint]: Survive For 1 Minute With Maximum Wanted Level

See below.

Most Wanted 2 Mins [25 GamerPoint]: Survive For 2 Minutes With Maximum Wanted Level

See below.

Most Wanted 5 Mins [50 GamerPoint]: Survive For 5 Minutes With Maximum Wanted Level

Just Cause is a glitchy game. It's not so horribly glitchy to be unplayable in any way - it's just a little rough around the edges. But I managed to use the game's inherent quirkiness to my advantage when I went to clear this achievement. Here's how I earned myself all three Most Wanted achievements on my first try:
  • I started out at Guerilla Camp 1 on San Esperitos NE Island.
  • After reloading all my weapons, topping up my health, and saving my game, I exited the camp.
  • I'm not a big fan of shooting innocents in video games but an achievement's an achievement, right? I started the festivities off with a bang by using my Mako Okra rocket launcher to take out a convery of five civilian vehicles.
  • My assault rifle was then used to take out anyone and everyone within a 200 meter radius of the Guerrilla Camp's entrance.
  • Once my wanted level hit 5 stars, I slowed my violent activities to a crawl. No point in killing mindlessly.
  • After one minute, I still had not seen a single police officer. I made my way back into the camp and reloaded before returning to the road running just outside the camp.
  • The next three or four minutes passed without incident. By the five minute mark, I still had not seen any signs of police or military.
I wonder if I was spared any police presence because I'd managed to avoid killng any police officers in my intial efforts to raise my wanted level? In any case, I cleared all three Most Wanted achievements and picked up 95 GamerPoint by standing outside one my unlocked bases and shooting an occasional (and rather unfortunate) citizen of San Esperito.

In Part 3 of my Just Cause guide, I'll tackle the Takeover mission achievements and the Liberation mission achievements. Look for that on Monday or Tuesday, right here at The Greedy Gamer.

Have a great weekend! I'll be playing some Crackdown and Eternal Sonata. And if a couple friends happen to come through in the clutch, I may end up spending some time with Call of Duty 4, Bully, and Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga.