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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Achievements Unlocked: Just Cause (Part 3)

I was going to continue writing up my Just Cause achievement guide (read Part 1 here and Part 2 here if you missed them). But you know what? I don't remember enough details about the game to come up with anything reasonably interesting or helpful. I blame lack of sleep, a busy schedule, and Call of Duty 4for my shortcomings. However, let me see if I can come up with some final tips for Just Cause.

Ok, here are my tips for completing Just Cause's Takeover, Liberation, and Story Missions. Completing all of these task will net you a total of 500 GamerPoint: 3 achievements worth 150 GamerPoint for completing all 45 Takeover missions, 3 achievements worth 150 GamerPoint for completing all Liberation missions, and 3 achievements worth 200 GamerPoint for completing all Story missions.

In order to help you bump up that gamerscore, here are some general tricks and tips to keep in mind while playing through Just Cause's Story, Takeover, and Liberation missions:

  • Make sure that you have the Mako Ocra rocket launcher in your possession before starting a Takeover mission. When you are instructed to destroy the last barricade of the mission, use the rocket launcher to take it out. As soon as the barricade is destroyed, the Montano Cartel drug baron can be targeted as he starts to make his way down to the ground floor of his mansion. Simply lock on to him with your rocket launcher and fire. Done.

  • Liberating small settlements is dead easy. Grenades and a machine gun are all that is required to liberate the smaller settlements scattered across the map.

  • Liberating cities is a little trickier. I suggest grappling and commandeering a helicopter that has missile-launching capabilities. Once inside the chopper, make your primary focus any and all approaching enemy helicopters. Once a helicopter becomes visible on your map, turn to face the chopper and begin firing missiles. Be sure to change your altitude either up or down to avoid any possible incoming missiles. After a while, you'll have destroyed enough government troops to allow you to finish off the Liberation. Exit the chopper, parachute down to the the flag pole, and hit the A button to liberate the city.

  • Liberating military bases is a pain in the ass. Always approach a base cautiously and keep an eye out for tanks. If you spot a tank, be sure to stay well clear and flank it. Tanks are notorious for spotting you and killing you with a couple quick shots. If possible, you might be able to commandeer a tank. This is a pretty good strategy and allows you to move through the military base quite quickly. However, be on the lookout for other tanks ready to blow you to pieces. And if you happen to have enough rockets, you could always try taking out the tank yourself.

  • There will be a story mission that will find you having to jump from one plane to another. This mission is annoying and tricky. To perform the jump properly, position your plane nose to nose with the target plane and slightly above the target's right wing. When you're ready to attempt the jump, exit the vehicle and start hitting the A button immediately. If all goes well, you'll find yourself in the middle of a pretty tough gunfight aboard the target plane. If you miss the plane (which you will time and time again), you'll need to restart and try the mission again. And if you get fed up with this mission, take heart that you are spitting distance from the game's conclusion.

  • Make good use of the fact that enemy soldiers and cartel members drop health packs and ammo when killed. Use this to your advantage during the game's bigger gunfights.

  • If there is an enemy helicopter nearby, do not enter a vehicle. Weaving back and forth while on foot will more or less prevent enemy choppers from taking you out. This exploit reminds me of Vice City and the ease with which you could escape police by simply running down the sidewalk.

  • Take advantage of Rico's ability to request an extraction from any location on the map to any of your unlocked safehouses. San Esperito is huge and an extraction can save you a lot of travel time.

  • Be sure never to pass over or near a military base while flying a helicopter or airplane. The Bases have SAM sites that will launch missiles and take you out extremely quickly and without warning.
If you like sandbox games, you'll like Just Cause. Though many parts of the game can be tedious, the graphics and fast game-play make up for many of Just Causes failings.


By the way, I should mention that I'll probably finish up Call of Duty 4 tonight. I can't wait...

Have a good one!