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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bully: Making the Grade (Part 2)

I was considering breaking down and playing GTA IV. Liberty City: the ultimate adult-themed sandbox. But you know what? I don't need to play GTA IV to get my free-roaming, achievement-clearing, mini-game and crazy activities fix. For now, I've got Bully and the game's really doing it for me. I used to think that every game needed strippers and ultra-violence to be fun; I guess I was wrong.

I'll take stink bombs, wedgies, and math class over prostitutes and warm coffee...for now...

Yesterday I posted the first part of my Bully Achievement Guide. I covered the first six achievements that I cleared in Bully: Scholarship Edition: SMART MOUTH, KICKIN' THE BALLS, SKIDMARK, KEENER, AFTER HOURS, and TEACHER’S PET.

Let's keep things going with Part 2 of my "Bully: Making the Grade" series. Today, we'll be looking the next six achievements that I've cleared in the game: CASANOVA, BOY GENIUS, SMELL YA LATER, GREEN THUMBS UP, WATCH YOUR STEP, and FRESHMAN.

CASANOVA [20 GamerPoint]: Receive 25 kisses from the ladies.

In order for Jimmy to get a girl to give him a kiss, he needs to meet a few criteria:

  1. Jimmy must be dressed appropriately. If Jimmy happens to be wearing any funny costumes or outrageous outfits, the girls will not want to have anything to do with him.
  2. Jimmy can only kiss the older girls and not the young girls who also happen to attend Bullworth.
  3. Jimmy must have completed the Art 1 class in order to kiss any girls.
  4. Jimmy must have a gift to give a girl. There are two types of gifts: chocolates and flowers. All girls take flowers as a gift except for the over-weight girl; she will only accept chocolate.
So where does Jimmy get the gifts to give the girls? Chocolates may be found about campus or purchased in town; however, the town is not available untili Act II of the game.

Flowers, on the other hand, can be lovingly picked from any of the gardens on campus. But know this: Jimmy can only hold ten flowers at a time. Once Jimmy has used up all his flowers, he'll need to make his way back to a flower bed and start picking. I recommend targetting the girls who'll accept flowers because this will go a long way to helping you clear the GREEN THUMBS UP achievement. Two birds, one stone - right?

I started working towards the CASANOVA achievement quite early in my game. Here are the steps Jimmy followed in becoming a true ladies' man:
  1. Flowers in inventory? If not, go pick some more from any of the flowerbeds around campus.
  2. Target a girl using the LT button.
  3. Hit the A button to compliment her. Continue doing so until the option of giving her flowers is presented.
  4. Hit the A button to give the girl some flowers.
  5. Once she accepts the flowers, the flower icon associated with the A button will change to a pair of lips. Hit the A button to kiss the girl.
  6. If you're only goal is to clear the CASANOVA achievement, you may kiss the same girl repeatedly by re-targeting the same girl using the LT button and pressing the A button to initiate another kiss.
If you're going for the "one girl" route, you should be able to clear the CASANOVA achievement in under ten minutes.

BOY GENIUS [30 GamerPoint]: Complete 9 Classes.

See the KEENER achievement description from Part 1 of the Bully achievement guide.

SMELL YA LATER [25 GamerPoint]: Hit people with stink bombs 50 times.

The SMELL YA LATER achievement description should really read "Hit 50 people with stink bombs". Before attempting this achievement, be sure to complete the Chemistry 2 class: this will allow you to create Stink Bombs using the chemistry set in Jimmy's room. With your game saved and stink bombs in hand, here's an easy way to pick up the SMELL YA LATER achievement:
  1. Go to the boys dormitory if you're not already there.
  2. Have Jimmy equip the stink bombs in his inventory.
  3. Pull the fire alarm just outside Jimmy's bedroom door.
  4. As everyone makes a run for the exit, start chucking stink bombs at as many groups of people as possible.
  5. Perform this same set of steps as often as possible. The only thing that may hold you back is a possible lack of stink bombs in your inventory. Complete Chemistry 5 to have a never-ending supply of stink bombs. Or simply look around campus and you should happen upon some stink bombs laying about for Jimmy to use.
I cleared the SMELL YA LATER achievement using this method in less than five minutes. It's an easy 25 GamerPoint if you've already cleared Chemistry 5 for the limitless stink bombs.

GREEN THUMBS UP [20 GamerPoint]: Pick 50 flowers.

Picking 50 flowers in Bully is not hard. The only hassle is that Jimmy can only hold ten flowers at a time. In order to clear GREEN THUMBS UP, you'll need to repeat the following steps:
  1. Pick 10 flowers from any of the flowerbeds around campus. The one just outside the doors to the girls dormitory is probably best.
  2. Target an older and non-overweight girl with the LT button.
  3. Push the A button to compliment her. Keep doing so until you see the flowers appear in the context-sensitive menu in the lower right-hand corner of the screen
  4. While continuing to hold the LT button, push the A button to give the girl a flower.
  5. Repeat the last three steps, each time with a new girl, until Jimmy has given out all 10 flowers in his inventory.
  6. Now take it again from the top, starting with picking another 10 flowers.
GREEN THUMBS UP is not hard to clear but it can be a little time-consuming depending on how easilyyou're able to find eligible girls. Remember that you can always walk Jimmy away from the girls dormitory in order to have the game spawn new girls in the area. And one last thing: if you're trying to clear this achievement in Act II of Bully, you may also find certain boys who'll gladly accept flowers from Jimmy.

You'll eventually pick up an easy 20 GamerPoint with a little patience and perserverance.

WATCH YOUR STEP [20 GamerPoint]: Trip 25 people with marbles.

WATCH YOUR STEP can be cleared in exactly the same way as the SMELL YA LATER achievement. The only difference is that Jimmy will need to use marbles instead of stink bombs when attacking the boys fleeing the dormitory. Bags of marbles can be found around campus. I believe you'll find a spawn point for marbles where the bullies hang out near the abandoned school bus.

WATCH YOUR STEP is an easy achievement worth an outstanding 20 GamerPoint!

FRESHMAN [20 GamerPoint]: Complete Chapter 1.

The 14 story missions in Act I of Bully are not very difficult. These missions serve primarily as a tutorial for the game. I won't give any spoilers of any kind. But there are a couple things you'll need to take care of if you're planning on getting 100% completion for Bully.

During the Hallowe'en mission, you'll be given the option to smash all of the pumpkins scattered about campus. The difficulty arises in trying to do this while also leaving yourself enough time to complete The Big Prank mission. Ignore the pumpkins and focus on the Hallowe'en and The Big Prank missions: you'll need to complete both of these missions for 100% completion.

When will you get the chance to bust up some pumpkins? During the Help Gary mission, you'll eventually find yourself in a boiler room filled with all the pumpkins left over from Hallowe'en. They are impossible to miss and you'll have tons of time to destroy all the pumpkins. Easy-peasy.

Be sure to enjoy the missions as you play them. They can be quite funny and should not be rushed. And they're all quite easy if you've got any sort of handle on Bully's gameplay and controls.


That's it for Part 2 of my Bully: Scholarship Edition achievement guide. I'll be back soon with more achievements for Part 3 of my guide.

Have a good one!