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Friday, May 30, 2008

Bully: Making the Grade (Part 3)

I'm still plodding along in Bully: Scholarship Edition. I've been really focusing on picking up as many of the little extras and achievements as I can along the way. I'm currently working on acquiring every photo required for the Yearbook. I'm guessing this will be a delightfully long and tedious task. Sounds terrific!

In the meantime, let's continue taking a look at the achievements available in Bully. In my last post, we covered the following six achievements: CASANOVA, BOY GENIUS, SMELL YA LATER, GREEN THUMBS UP, WATCH YOUR STEP, and FRESHMAN.

Today, we'll be looking at the next six achievements that I've cleared in Bully: OVER THE RAINBOW, SODA 'LICIOUS, EGGSELLENT!, THE WHEEL DEAL, BLACK & WHITE & READ ALL OVER, and HELPING HAND.

OVER THE RAINBOW [20 GamerPoint]: Receive 20 kisses from the gents.

And here's the achievement that got most of conservative America in an uproar. That's right: you can have Jimmy kiss another boy. I find it incredibly maddening that the violence in video games is quite often overlooked by the media (unless it involves killing prostitutes in GTA) yet they'll choose to focus on something as innocent as a kiss between two boys.

In any case, if you're looking to "rock the boat" and have Jimmy sample from the other side of the fence, you'll need to make sure that:

  1. Jimmy has finished Art 1.
  2. Jimmy has at least one flower in his inventory.
  3. You've finished off Act I of the game.
Good to go? Great. First, you'll need to find your target. Not every boy is willing to lock lips with our protagonist. Luckily, you'll only need to find one: his name is Trent, he's a blond-haired bully usually found in the main building's lobby or in the parking lot, and he loves kissing dudes who give him flowers. Trent can be overheard asking Jimmy if he'd like to play "shirt or skins". I've included a picture of Trent below, in case you're still having problems finding him.

You've found him? Good. Now follow this short routine to unlock the OVER THE RAINBOW achievement in record time:
  1. Target Trent (LT) and say something nice to him using the A button.
  2. One or two compliments should be enough to get Trent interested at which point you should be able to offer him some flowers.
  3. Trent accepts the flowers and can now be kissed.
  4. Immediately after kissing Trent, target and press A to kiss again.
  5. Repeat the last step until you've kissed Trent 20 times.
This achievement can be completed in about five minutes and is an easy 20 GamerPoint...as long as you don't mind giving Jimmy a little stubble burn...

SODA 'LICIOUS [20 GamerPoint]: Buy 100 sodas.

If you're planning on picking up the SODA 'LICIOUS achievement, do yourself a favour and wait for Act II of Bully. Why? Jimmy will be able to leave school grounds in Act II. There are markets in town that sell soda. When Jimmy buys soda from the grocery store (Yum Yum Market), there is no associated delay as Jimmy opens and drinks the purchased beverage.

Here's my simple three-step process to unlocking SODA 'LICIOUS:
  1. Have Jimmy earn $100. I recommend completing errands or playing keep-ups for $20 a pop.
  2. Head to one of the "Yum Yums" in town. Consult your map and look for the shopping cart icon if you're having trouble finding a store.
  3. Once inside the store, step into the glowing circle, hit the left/right directional buttons to find the Beam Cola store item, and then hit your A button 100 times.
This achievement takes no more than 30 seconds depending on how quickly you're able to hit the A button on your controller.

EGGSELLENT! [20 GamerPoint]: Egg 25 cars.

Remember the grocery store that you visited for the SODA 'LICIOUS achievement? You can also buy eggs from that same store! Pretty convenient. Here are the steps to follow for clearing EGGSELLENT! achievement:
  1. Buy a carton of 12 eggs from the grocery store.
  2. Head out onto the mean streets and look for a car; moving or parked makes no difference. Just make sure that it's not a car that you've recently egg'd.
  3. Press UP on the directional pad to enter targeting mode.
  4. Once you've got a car in your sights, pull the RT button to throw an egg.
  5. As soon as you hit the car, you'll notice your trouble meter will rise and the car's owner will jump out of his/her car to chase you down.
  6. Repeat the previous 3 steps 25 times, taking a break every 12 cars to purchase more eggs from the store.
EGGSELLENT! is not hard to pick up. It can be a little tedious when you're having problems finding new cars to tag with eggs. And you'll also spend a little time having Jimmy run away and hide to allow the trouble meter to empty itself. But you should be able to hit 25 cars in the space of 10-15 minutes. Order up! EGGSELLENT! over-easy and a side of 20 GamerPoint!

THE WHEEL DEAL [25 GamerPoint]: Perform 200 wheelies on the bike.

After completing Shop I, you'll have access to a BMX bike on campus. You can also find bicycles in town if you're willing to leave campus. Once you find yourself a bike, I recommend heading out to the stretch of road that runs east-west in front of Bullworth's main campus gates. Now perform the following steps:
  1. Hold back on thef left analog stick.
  2. Start tapping the A button like a madman to have Jimmy accelerate.
  3. The front wheel of the bike will leave the ground: this is known as a "wheelie" (I think all little boys are born knowing what a wheelie is but I wasn't sure about girls).
  4. Now hit the X button to slow down and push forward on the left analog stick to put the front wheel back down onto the pavement.
  5. Repeat the above steps 200 times.
THE WHEEL DEAL is tedious and annoying but it's also dead-easy and pretty quick to clear. I think I was able to pull off anywhere from 10-15 wheelies per minute.

200 wheelies popped + 1 achievement = 25 GamerPoint!

BLACK & WHITE & READ ALL OVER [20 GamerPoint]: Complete All Paper Route Missions.

First off, this achievement has nothing to do penguins or nuns being pushed down hills or stuffed into blenders. I seem to recall a joke or two of that nature while growing up. Instead, the BLACK & WHITE & READ ALL OVER has everything to do with newspaper delivery.

Every young man needs a job and Jimmy Hopkins is no exception. There are dates to go on, carnivals to attend, and clothes to purchase. Everything costs money and Jimmy has none. What's a boy to do? Get a paper route!

On the in-game map, you'll notice a couple green dollar signs. One of these dollar signs refers to a paper route mission. Get Jimmy over to the paper route icon and he can start delivering papers for cold, hard cash.

There is no real trick to completing the paper route; however, it's incredibly simple to compete. There are five levels to the paper route job. On each level, Jimmy will have more customers on his route. But the core gameplay mechanics remain unchanged. Here's the general course of events to follow for each of paper delivery levels:
  1. Head up the hill and run your bike over the stack of newspapers.
  2. You'll notice one or more yellow X's on your mini-map.
  3. Head towards the closest yellow X.
  4. Once Jimmy is close enough to the X, you'll notice a yellow arrow on-screen pointing to a newspaper box.
  5. Pull and hold the LT button to target the newspaper box.
  6. Pull the RT button to have Jimmy throw the paper into the targetted newspaper box.
Do your best not to waste any newspapers. You should be able to hit each newspaper box without missing any given Bully's easy aim/shoot mechanic. On the fifth level of the paper route job, you'll need to deliver 24 newspapers if memory serves me correctly. Just take your time and hit your targets and you'll be fine.

Extra, extra! Read all about it! Young man delivers papers and earns himself some cash, an achievement, and 20 GamerPoint!

HELPING HAND [20 GamerPoint]: Complete 10 Errand Missions.

Starting in Act I of Bully, you'll notice a blue X pop up on your mini-map from time to time. Each blue X represents an opportunity for Jimmy to perform an errand. Simply approach the waving on-screen character with a blue arrow over his or her head. Target the NPC (LT) and press the A button to accept the errand. There are numerous errands of varying difficulty though I'd be hard-pressed to label any errands as "challenging".

The easiest errands that I've encoutered thus far see Jimmy being asked to egg the boys dormitory and the girls dormitory.

As for tricky errands, there was one that involved grabbing a roll of toilet paper from the janitor's closet. What's so tricky about that? Well, in order to pick up the toilet paper, Jimmy needs to be standing near it. At that point, you'll need to press the Y button to have Jimmy pick up the TP. Since there was no prompt to inform me that I needed to press the Y button, I just assumed the errand was buggy and ignored it for quite a while.

Well, that's all for Part 3 of my Bully: Scholarship Edition achievement guide. I'll be back next week with Part 4. I plan on playing as much Bully as possible over the weekend; however, that means very little considering how busy weekends can be at home with two kids and yardwork to do.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Alicexia said...

Lol that was the first guy that my Jimmy from PS2 locked lips with. At the time I was just trying to be nice then when they made out I laughed. Got no achievements though but I got him to hang around me as a body guard when I went on a raid of the nerds.

Anonymous said...

Regarding retreiving TP from janitors closet - could you please tell me where this closet is? I feel really helpless and the errand disappears in like 10 sec or smth, so it must be close...