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Friday, May 16, 2008

Condemned 2's Save Game Glitch

Thankfully I came across news of a fairly sick glitch in Condemned 2: Bloodshot before I started playing the game's single player mode. Hit the jump for all the details.

It appears that Condemned 2 players have been reporting that their save games are being corrupted while playing the game. Most user report that the game won't acknowledge the save game files located on their 360s' hard drives. The result of this glitch is that players are forced to restart their games from the very beginning! Although all achievements are kept, all in-game progress is lost.

Sega? Monolith? That's a huge bug! Brutal...

Luckily, there appears to be a method for preventing the accidental corruption of your Condemned 2 save game files. Ready?

When you're finished your current Bloodshot session, hit the START button on your controller. Now exit back to the main menu. So far so good? Now exit the game and go to your Xbox 360 dashboard. That's it: you're safe!

Pretty easy, huh? Personally, I always exit all games in this fashion. I think only the younger and impatient generation of gamers feel that they should simply be able to shut off their console in mid-game and leave. However, I used to be a PC gamer and I've been trained to always return my gaming system back to its startup state before shutting off the power.

So there you go! There is a crippling glitch in Condemned 2. And luckily, it's easily avoidable!

Once again, have a great weekend! I've got a three-day weekend coming and hordes of bums and thugs to kill...