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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Beat Goes On

I'm too tired for a full post today. But I did need to make a quick correction to something I said in my last post.

I finished off my last post stating that I'd probably have Eternal Sonata finished soon. In short: I was wrong. For some reason, I believed that Eternal Sonata comprised five chapters; it seems that there are seven or eight chapters. Throwing in an extra two or three chapters really throws off my time estimate.

What I don't understand is how game reviewers can say that Eternal Sonata can be finished in 25 hours. Who are they kidding? I guess if you skipped cutscenes then such a fast playthrough might be possible. In my game, I'm just starting Chapter 6 and I've logged 22 hours with the game. And I haven't been trying to accomplish any of the various extras such as finding score pieces, EZI items, or playing music sessions with the residents of Ritardando, Forte, and Baroque.

As things stand right now, I've got a good party of nine people. They are all hovering around level 34. And they're all armed to the teeth and ready to kick butt. I'm still finding the game's combat to be pretty fantastic. Most fights are pretty straightforward now but still fun. I like seeing how much damage I can cause with a single player by chaining special attacks via harmony chains (an unlockable party ability that allows characters to string together special attacks against a single opponent). So far, my record is about 100,000 points of damage scored by Jazz (a guy with a big sword/trumpet...and no, that's not a euphemism).

For the record, I've cleared 8 of Eternal Sonata's achievements worth 80 GamerPoint. These achievents boil down to one achievement per chapter completed and three achievement awarded for upgrading my Party Level to Level 4. All told, I'm hoping to clear another 9 achievements worth an additional 260 GamerPoint.

If I fire up the Xbox tonight, it will only be for a short while. I did not get much sleep last night and I'm worried that I'll suffer the same fate tonight. But I am pretty motivated to finish off Eternal Sonata: I really, really want to play Lost Odyssey. After Eternal Sonata's pretty graphics and musically-delicious setting, it will be nice to play something a little darker in terms of both story and graphics.