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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bully: Making the Grade (Part 4)

Although I feel that I've been playing Bully: Scholarship Edition for a long time, 360Voice.com says that I've only played the game on 12 days over the past month. I could've sworn it was more than that though I guess I did spend quite a bit of time with The Simpsons and Condemned 2. After last night's Bully session, I have the end of the game in my sights: 9 more achievements and 375 GamerPoint to go!

If I manage to get some time in tonight, I think I'll be focusing on getting a good chunk of errands done. I've finished 27 errands so far. I need to complete 30 errands for an achievement (MOMMA'S BOY) and I'll need 40 errands completed for the PERFECTIONIST achievement.

I'll also be on the lookout for a kid named Ivan: I need to take his picture for the Yearbook. And while finishing up those minor tasks, I expect that I'll be quite close to finishing off the SKATE PRO and TOUR DE BULLWORTH achievements, awarded for traveling 50 KM on a skateboard and 100 KM on a bicycle respectively.

But enough about what I plan to do. Let's take a look at some more of the achievements that I've cleared in Bully. Today we'll be looking at six more achievements. If you're looking for help with an achievement and don't find it listed below, you can always check out my previous Bully achievement guide posts: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

IT’S ALL IN THE WRISTS [20 GamerPoint]: Complete All 4 of the Carnival Games once

There are four carnival games that you'll need to play for this achievement: Strike Out, Splish Splash, High Striker and Shooting Range. These games are not difficult - and you're not even required to win any of these games for the achievement. You'll just need to play them. Even so, I'd recommend winning 1 or more tickets from each of these games once if you plan on picking up the PERFECTIONIST achievement. And if you'd like to unlock GLASS DISMISSED, you'll need to spend a lot of time playing the Shooting Range carnival game.

For those you who are curious, here's how each carnival game plays:

  • Strike Out: Jimmy is required to throw a few baseballs at some moving targets. Hit the good targets, avoid the bad, and win a prize.
  • Splish Splash: Nothing beats a good old dunk tank! Hit the (A) button to throw a baseball at the target and introduce the cursed little person to his watery grave. It may take you a couple tries to get the aiming down but you'll get it eventually.
  • High Striker: This is the easiest carnival game to beat. Ready, set, hit the (A) button as fast you can to have Jimmy ring the bell with a swing of the over-sized mallet.

    For what it's worth, this is the carnival game that I played repeatedly to earn enough tickets to purchase all items from the souvenir shop. But do yourself a favour: complete the Photography 5 class prior to playing any carnival games when your goal is to accumulate tickets and buy prizes. Finishing up all of the Photography classes (1-5) will allow Jimmy to earn double the tickets from any carnival games won!
  • Shooting Range: Set your sights on the bottles, banditos, and sheriff badges to beat this carnival game. Although it's hard to win the top prize in this game, it's quite easy to beat the game for a single ticket. Focus on shooting the bottles if you plan on clearing the GLASS DISMISSED achievement.
Jimmy threw, shot, and slammed his way to carnival game victory and I earned myself a cool 20 GamerPoint!

GLASS DISMISSED [25 GamerPoint]: Break 300 bottles at the shooting gallery.

There's no easy way to clear this achievement. Take Jimmy to the carnival and start playing the Shooting Range carnival game. Shoot as many bottles as possible. I was able to take down anywhere from 15-20 bottles per game. If I had to guess, I'd say that you're looking at 20-30 minutes to clear this achievement. Not very fun but I was only in it for the 25 GamerPoint anyway.

SPEED FREAK [20 GamerPoint]: Complete ½ of all Go Kart Races

There are 8 Go Kart races in Bully: 5 at the carnival and 3 on the streets. Finish the first 4 carnival races and you'll unlock the SPEED FREAK achievement and its 20 GamerPoint.

If you're having difficulty beating the races, here's my advice:
  • Avoid using your brake whenever possible. Many of the tracks' turns can be navigated at top speed or by simply easing off the gas for a split second before entering the turn.
  • Follow a smooth racing line around the track and through the turns. If you've played Gran Turismo or other racers, you'll know what I'm talking about here. Winning races is all about maintaining a high average speed.
  • Never give up! The game seems to let Jimmy catch up if he falls too far behind.
  • Look to cut corners whenever possible. Your AI opponents will always stay on the track. While generally a good strategy, there are some corners that are easier and quicker to navigate by having Jimmy drive over the grass.
LITTLE ANGEL [20 GamerPoint]: Complete 20 Errand Missions

There are 50 total errands available to Jimmy over the course of the game. Although the errands are quite easy to complete, there is a glitch in the game that can make it rather frustrating to find and complete errands. I still managed to pick up the LITTLE ANGEL achievement and 20 GamerPoint with very few problems.

You can find a list of all errands here.

MARATHON [25 GamerPoint]: Travel 100,000 meters on foot.

You will undoubtedly unlock the MARATHON achievement without trying. Jimmy spends a lot of time on foot if you plan on playing through more than just the story missions. Get used to tapping the (A) button to have Jimmy sprint about campus and town. You'll earn yourself 25 GamerPoint in no time.

SOPHOMORE [20 GamerPoint]: Complete Chapter 2

There are not very many difficult missions in Bully and Chapter 2 doesn't hold any exceptions. The most notable thing about Chapter 2 is that Jimmy will be given access to the town of Bullworth. This new setting unlocks new errands, new missions, and new scenery. Some of you may have trouble with the bike races or the boxing; however, practice makes perfect.

There are 13 missions available in Chapter 2 though not every mission is on the critical path to the SOPHOMORE achievement. Just enjoy the story missions and you'll get your 20 GamerPoint in due time. And if you happen to miss any missions, be aware that you will be able to complete these missed missions in later chapters.

That's all for today. I plan on finishing up Bully in the next few days, schedule permitting. As I mentioned earlier, I'm getting pretty close to the end of the game. As long as the Errand Glitch doesn't hold me back too long, I'll have the full 1000 achievement points in no time!

Have a good one!