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Monday, June 9, 2008

Bully: Making the Grade (Part 5)

Here's the next installment of my Bully: Scholarship Edition achievement guide. In case you missed the other parts to this guide, you can read them here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

Let's cut to the chase and look at some more achievements.

Today we'll be looking at seven achievements covering everything from arcade games to skateboarding.

DUAL NEBULA [20 GamerPoint]: Achieve A High Score on Consumo, Nut Shots, and Monkey Fling Arcade Games

You'll find the Consumo, Nut Shots, and Monkey Fling arcade games at the Carnival. There is also a Consumo arcarde game in the basement of the comic book shop; however, you'll be unable to access it until you've reached the "Nerd Challenge" mission. My advice is to hold off on playing any arcade games until after the Nerd Challenge since you'll be required to beat the Consumo high score for that mission.

If you're having trouble beating any of these games, here are some tips to picking up those high scores:

  • Consumo: It's not difficult to beat the 1010 lbs. high score. Just stay in the center of the ring as best you can. Run your sumo over any of the good food that happens to come along and avoid the bad. The trick to getting the high score is to never put your sumo in a position where he might get touched by a blowfish. If a piece of food is too far away, just leave it be and wait for something better to come along. The center of the ring is your friend!

  • Nut Shots: Nut Shots sees you playing the role of a flying squirrel. You attack your enemies by firing nuts at them. In return, you can die by getting hit by any of your enemies attacks or by flying into the trees at the bottom of the screen.

    Your enemies come in predictable waves: kill 10 wasps and a bat appears, kill 3 bats and an eagle appears, and kill the eagle to restart the cycle. You'll need to complete about 7 such cycles in order to clear the 69,900 high score. There are no real tricks to beating this game. It took me about four or five tries to get it. In the end, it's all about hand-eye coordination and reflexes. Think Galaga but far easier.

  • Monkey Fling: Monkey Fling is extremely easy. The goal is to eat bananas while avoiding the deadly touch of the spiders. The bananas line the top of the screen. Spiders also decend from the top of the screen. You shoot spiders and bananas by moving your monkey horizontally along the bottom of the screen. Hit a spider with some poo to kill it. Hit a banana to have it fall to the ground. Run over the bananas to eat them and hope that no spiders make it to the ground alive.

    I cleared the high score in this game by simply moving my monkey horizontally (left to right or vice-versa) while shooting once or twice a second. The flying poop will hit most spiders dropping down towards the monkey and many bananas will get dislodged. Grab and eat the fallen bananas to rebuild the monkey's poop meter and then perform the same strafing run across the screen.

    One little bit of advice: the spiders can't cross the entire screen to catch the monkey. If a spider is about to touch the ground, you can move the monkey to the farthest corner of the screen to avoid getting bitten. This isn't 100% reliable but it might just save the monkey's butt during an unexpected poop-recharge period.

JUNIOR [20 GamerPoint]: Complete Chapter 3

There was only one mission that gave me problems in the third chapter of Bully. It was the Glass House mission. I won't give you any spoilers but you can see a video walkthrough of the mission below. I did things a little differently. I will say that the trick to beating this mission is to use your slingshot to punch out every window in the greenhouse and as many windows in the house as possible. If you find yourself spending a lot of time kicking planters and pots, you're making things really hard on yourself.

GREEN THUMB [20 GamerPoint]: Complete All Lawn Mowing Jobs

There are a total of 6 lawn mowing jobs in Bully. There are 3 available in Bullworth Vale (Chapter 2 & Chapter 5) and 3 more available at the Retirement Home (Chapter 5). Simply complete Levels 1-3 for each of the lawn mowing jobs and you'll pick up this achievement.

I should mention that mowing lawns as part of detention also seems to count towards this achievement. However, you'll need to complete both mowing jobs in the town of Bullworth to pick up the PERFECTIONIST achievement.

SHARP DRESSED MAN [25 GamerPoint]: Collect 250 clothing items

This is an easy achievement to get. Simply have Jimmy complete errands, lawn mowing jobs, and missions to earn clothing and money. Use the money earned to buy more clothes from one of four clothing shops found in the game: Aquaberry, Worn In, Final Cut, and the campus store (found in the main school building to the right of the main doors).

If you find that the achievement hasn't cleared after you've acquired your 250th piece of clothing, simply save your game then restart Bully. Your achievement will unlock once your game is fully reloaded.

DOWN FOR THE COUNT [20 GamerPoint]: Beat up 200 opponents

I spent a lot of extra time trying to beat up opponents in order to clear this achievement. My advice is to wait until you've completed all missions, side missions, and errands before focusing on this achievement. I'm pretty sure that you'll beat up more than 200 opponents by going through the story missions. If not, use your Spud Gun during the Endless Summer chapter of the game to pick up those last few knockouts necessary for the DOWN FOR THE COUNT achievement.

MOMMA'S BOY [25 GamerPoint]: Complete 30 Errand Missions

The errands in Bully are a joke to complete. The hard part is finding errands. If you use the strategy outlined in my glitch post, you'll pick up 30 errands pretty quickly. Seriously, this is an easy 25 GamerPoint if you have the patience to relaod your game from time to time.

This is another achievement that could wait for the Endless Summer chapter. Although I've heard that 40 errands are necessary for the PERFECTIONIST achievement, I question this number. I have a feeling that 30 errands are all that are necessary for 100% completion though I completed 36 errands in my game.

SKATE PRO [25 GamerPoint]: Travel 50,000 meters on the skateboard

You'll unlock the skateboard quite early in the game. I didn't do anything special to clear the SKATE PRO achievement. I used the skateboard quite a bit while getting Jimmy from place to place because it's faster than running.

A few trips back and forth to town on Jimmy's skateboard will go a long way to clearing this achievement. But much like the DOWN FOR THE COUNT achievement, I recommend waiting until the Endless Summer chapter to see if you need to put in any extra time with the skateboard. Rockstar Games did a good job to make sure that many of the "grindy" achievements could be cleared by playing through the story missions.

I'll be back later this week for the final installment of my Bully: Scholarship Edition guide. In the meantime, feel free to ask any questions via comments. I'm always up for helping anyone having problems with a game.