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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bully: Making the Grade (Part 6)

I finally finished up Bully: Scholarship Edition on Sunday. All told, it took me about 23 hours or so to pick up all 38 achievements for a total of 1000 GamerPoint. While Bully is not the best game I've ever played, Rockstar Games did a good job of creating a semi-sandbox world filled with a huge number of side activities, entertaining classes, and amusing missions.

This post will be my last post in my Bully: Scholarship Edition achievement guide series. If you'd like to check out my earlier posts in the series, feel free to check out any and all of the following: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

The final installment of this achievement guide starts after the jump and covers the final 7 achievements that I cleared on my way to 100% completion.

TOUR DE BULLWORTH[25 GamerPoint]: Travel 100 km on the bike.

Traveling 100 KM on a bike is not difficult to do in Bully. I always had Jimmy ride a bike to and from the Bullworth Academy campus. Bikes are a fast way of getting around town.

If you have Jimmy ride a bike whenever long distance travel is required and if you complete all the bike races, you'll unlock TOUR DE BULLWORTH before you've finished the game.

SENIOR [20 GamerPoint]: Complete Chapter 4

The story missions in Chapter 4 were pretty funny. Jimmy finds himself fighting off nerds and jocks as he continues his struggle to become ruler of all of Bullworth Academy. The missions are all very straightforward but quite funny. The SENIOR achievement is an easy 20 GamerPoint!

POLE POSITION [20 GamerPoint]: Complete All Go Kart Races

As I mentioned in Part 4 of my guide (SPEED FREAK achievement), the Go Kart racing is pretty easy. Stick to a solid racing line and avoid touching the brake too often. There are 8 Go Kart Races in total. All but one of these races can be completed in Chapters 2-4. The last race becomes available in Chapter 5 and is just as easy as the first 7 races.

By the way, I should also mention that completing all Go Kart races earns Jimmy his own personal Go Kart. Jimmy's Go Kart can be found sitting outside the Greaser garage over (ie. the area where the Bullies hang out and near the abandoned school bus). The Go Kart is very fast and is quite useful when Jimmy needs to get from one end of the map to the other is as little time as possible.

I also picked up 20 GamerPoint for my racing mastery.

GRADUATE [40 GamerPoint]: Complete Chapter 5

The last chapter in Bully is quite short when compared to the other chapters in the game. But the story missions in Chapter 5 are much more interesting than the standard fare presented in Chapters 1-4.

THE CHAMPION [20 GamerPoint]: Complete All Bike Races

There are a total of 14 bicycle races available in Bully. New races become available in Chapter 2, 4, and 5. The race in Chapter 5 is a longer race that covers most of the territory around Bullworth Academy, Bullworth Town, New Coventry, and the Blue Skies Industrial sector.

This achievement is an easy 20 GamerPoint if you can manage to find Jimmy a racing bicycle (gray with curved handlebars) prior to beginning any races.

PERFECTIONIST [125 GamerPoint]: 100% completion.

There are a number of various criteria required to clear the PERFECTIONIST achievement. I'll list the things that I performed while clearing this achievement:

  • Completed All Story Missions and Side Missions
  • Completed all classes (levels 1-5)
  • Collected all 75 Rubber Bands
  • Collected all G & G cards
  • Smashed All 25 Garden Gnomes
  • Collected All 6 Transistors & Learned All Fighting Moves from the Mysterious Hobo
  • Won All Go Kart Races
  • Won All Bicycle Races
  • Completed All Lawn Mowing Jobs
  • Completed All Paper Route Jobs
  • Completed 36 errands [NB: I've read that you're required to complete 40 errands but this is obviously false. I believe people are getting confused because there are certain errands that award clothing and this clothing is required for 100% completion. My guess is that only 30 errands must be completed if and only if you're able to finish all errands that award clothing in so few errands. If you'r having trouble finding errands, see my Errand Glitch post.]
  • Collected (at least) 330 Clothing Items
  • Took All Yearbook Photos
  • Won All Boxing Matches
  • Rode Each Carnival Ride Once
  • Won Each Carnival Game Once
  • Bought All Items From the Carnival Souvenir Shop
  • Failed Five Classes
  • Pulled Twenty Fire Alarms
  • Travelled 100 KM On Foot
  • Travelled 50 KM On Skateboard
  • Travelled 100 KM On Bicycle
  • Got the High Score on the Consumo, Monkey Fling, and Nut Shots Arcade Games (all games can be found in the Carnival Souvenir Shop)
  • Played Penalty Shootout & Keep Ups Mini Games (football field and basketball courts)
  • Bought 500 Sodas
  • Smashed All Pumpkins From Halloween
  • Smashed All Gravestones From Halloween
  • Beat Up The Secret Pirate
  • Sprayed A Tag Of Each Clique
If you'd like further details, check out Xbox360Achievements.org's achievement guide here. One last tidbit of information: every single task listed for the PERFECTIONIST achievement can be completed during the Endless Summer chapter that follows Chapter 5. You cannot miss anything that is required to get 100% completion in Bully.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED [75 GamerPoint]: Complete All Missions

This achievement is very straight-forward and easy to clear. However, it's a little time-consuming as it requires you to finish off all missions in Bully: Scholarship Edition. Still, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED is an easy 75 GamerPoint to tack on to your gamerscore.


Well, that's it for Bully: Scholarship Edition. It was a fun game but I'm glad to have it behind me. Anytime I find myself gunning for all 1000 GamerPoint in a game, I find myself mentally drained after jumping through so many little hoops along the way.

I hope this guide helps those of you having problems with Bully. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.