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Thursday, June 5, 2008

In Search of Perfection (Bully: Scholarship Edition)

I am really getting close to finishing Bully: Scholarship Edition. I played a tiny bit last night and managed to check off a couple more things from my 100% completion checklist. I love that feeling of approaching 100% completion. I loved it in GTA III and GTA: Vice City and I'm still loving it with Bully.

Rather than pump out Part 5 of my Bully: Scholarship Edition achievement guide (see also Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4), let's instead take a look to see what I've got left to do in the game.

A few minutes after sitting down to play last night, I managed to snag a photo of Ivan Alexander for the Yearbook. He was a holdout and I was a little worried that I might not find the guy without spending too much time wandering about campus. I finally bumped into Ivan in front of Bullworth Academy's main building. He was walking hand in hand with Christy. A quick click of Jimmy's digital camera and Ivan's photo was mine.

I've only got three pictures left to take for the Yearbook: Gary, Ted, and Zoe. Ted and Gary will both be added to the Yearbook automatically after I've managed to complete the story missions. And Jimmy should be able to snag a photo of Zoe in Chapter 5 of the game.

I also completed 4 more errands last night. The methods that I listed for re-enabling glitched errands (read this post) work quite well. I've got another 9 errands to complete as part of the PERFECTIONIST achievement. My current plan is to focus on finishing up all the errands after I've finished the story missions and other achievements. But if I happen to bump into Bullworth citizens offering errands, I'll gladly accept in an effort to reduce my post-game grind.

Here's a list of what's left to do for 100% completion:
  • Complete 9 more errands.
  • Purchase/find 40 more pieces of clothing.
  • Travel another 10 KM on a bike.
  • Complete 5 more story missions in Chapter 4.
  • Finish collecting rubber bands (not possible until Chapter 5).
  • Finish collecting G&G cards (not possible until Chapter 5).
  • Finish smashing garden gnomes (not possible until Chapter 5).
  • Complete the final bike race (not possible until Chapter 5).
  • Complete the final Go Kart race (not possible until Chapter 5).
  • Finish off Yearbook (not possible until Chapter 5 finished).
  • Smash remaining gravestones from Hallowe'en mission (not possible until Chapter 5).
  • Complete 14 more story missions in Chapter 5.
While this list may seem to contain a number of time consuming activities, the reality isn't that bad. I figure that I'm looking at no more than 5 more hours of gameplay before I capture the fabled 1000/1000 achievement points.

If all goes well tonight, I'd like to finish up most/all of Bully's story missions. If I can manage that, I'll be poised to complete Bully over the weekend.

I'll be back tomorrow with Part 5 of my Bully: Scholarship Edition achievement guide.

Have a good one!


Oneconfusedgamer said...

Hey if you need garys photo still all you need to do is complete chapter V and it gives it to you! but way to go!!!

Ps. If you have 100% can u tell me how to get 100% to im at 99.90%!!!

Want to be apart of OneConfusedGamer's team e-mail oneconfusedgamer@live.com with subject: Teamwork

Klopzi said...

Hey -

I've got the full 100% completion in Bully.

If you're stuck at 99.90%, check to make sure that you've bought all clothing, finished all missions, and completed 40 errands.

If you're having problems getting errands to appear, check out this post to see how you can work around the glitch.