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Friday, June 20, 2008

Shopping Spree: Summer 2008 Edition

After getting home from work last night, I went shopping. Although I'm still playing Eternal Sonata, I decided to take advantage of Blockbuster's crazy "But 2, Get 1 Free" sale on previously enjoyed video games. First and foremost, I was looking to pick up a copy of Lost Odyssey. As for the rest, keep reading to see what else I picked up.

All told, I spent $84.75 at Blockbuster last night and walked away with 4 games:

  1. Lost Odyssey: $39.99
  2. Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom: $29.99
  3. Two Worlds: $0
  4. Superman Returns: $4.99
I got the games home, played with my kids, and somehow managed to clean off all the game DVDs before putting them in my special game DVD holder (standard operating procedure for all new and used games that I buy).

It was at that time that I noticed that the Two Worlds DVD looked like it'd been chewed by a dog. Not a problem: I popped out to Blockbuster after tucking in the kids and was given a mint-condition replacement copy by the helpful yet obviously-distracted manager. Nice! I also asked the manager if she happened to have the game manuals for Lost Odyssey and KUF: Circle of Doom since neither of the copies I'd bought had manuals. She told me that I was welcome to check the games' cases on the shelves for the missing manuals; alas, I came up empty.

When I got back home after my second visit to Blockbuster, my wife could tell that I was a little anxious to try out my new games. My wife is the best when it comes to letting me try out my new purchases. I sometimes feel bad for my wife knowing that she ended up marrying a big kid as opposed to your run-of-the-mill grown up. In my defense, I do plenty of stuff to make up for my various hobbies and selfish indulgences.

Here are my first impressions of my new games. Please keep in mind that I only played each game for a total of ten minutes or less.
  • Lost Odyssey:
    Funny thing: this was the game I most wanted but I didn't really play it last night. I put the disc in to make sure that it ran and watched the first minute of the intro cutscene before putting the game away. Why? I'll be playing Lost Odyssey in the next week or two. I'd rather wait until I'm ready to go before doing anything with the game.

    Besides simply enjoying my time with Lost Odyssey, I'll be looking to be beat the 339 GamerPoint average gamerscore on MyGamerCard (MGC). I'll accomplish this task by finishing the main story line. Mind you, this will take me quite a while: Lost Odyssey spans 4 DVDs in length. Awesome!

  • Superman Returns: Although not an RPG, Superman Returns' price was way too good to pass up. I played the demo for this game a while back and enjoyed it. I also played the first ten minutes of the game last night. I was forced to save Metropolis from a pretty nasty meteor shower. Although Superman's flight controls are a little touchy, I'm sure I'll get used to controlling the Man of Steel once I sit down and work through the game. For the time being, though, this game will have to make due as a trophy in my video game library.

    MGC lists the average gamerscore for Superman Returns at 260 GamerPoint. I'll be gunning for the full 1000 GamerPoint when I sit down to play this game. I'm trying to pick up my Sandbox Expert Badge on 360Voice.com and I only need another 1400 GamerPoint in Sandbox-type games to earn the badge.

  • Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom:
    I'm not sure what to think about KUF: COD just yet. The first ten minutes are most definitely unimpressive. Graphics are below average and gameplay feels sluggish. Also, the character I'm controlling has visible butt cheeks. Oh, and he's a dude! Damned sexy barbarians eating up my screen's real estate with their stupid man-cheeks.

    All cracks aside, I think KUF: COD's true merit will come as I plod my way through wave after wave of monsters, loot corpses, and level up to unlock new and devastating powers. KUF: COD isn't quite Diablo II but I think I'll enjoy the game given the great price I got for the game.

    MGC players have managed to rack up an average gamersocre of 198 GamerPoint in KUF: COD. I've looked at the achievements and I should be able to beat this score without too much difficulty. I should mention that I'll be ignoring Celine's story line. I've seen how few clothes the guys wear in this game and I'd be surprised if Celine's modesty was her strong suit. Plus, I hate playing hack n' slash games as a ranged attack specialist. That's also why I never played as the Amazon in Diablo II; I like to get up close and personal to cut down my foes!

  • Two Worlds:
    I'd read that the first 20 minutes of Two Worlds are pretty terrible. Let me just say that I have to agree with this statement. Based on my first 15 minutes with the game, I can plainly state that the game's graphics and combat are total ass. As for the script and voice acting, they are laughably terrible. Before going any further with the game, I think it's fair to say that Southpeak should really consider a few necessary upgrades for their upcoming sequel to Two Worlds: professional script writers, professional voice actors, and a decent graphics engine. But despite all of the game's faults, I will plow my way through this game and let my readers know of the horrors that I see. Given how little I paid for the game ($0), my expectations are so low that it will be difficult to be disappointed.

    MGC shows that the average gamer earned about 218 GamerPoint for Two Worlds. By simply defeating the last boss in the game, I'll be awarded 370 GamerPoint. Easy as pie...even if the game is more cow pie than apple pie...
All told, I'm pretty excited about my new games if only for the sheer awesomeness that will be Lost Odyssey. Superman Returns was dirt cheap and I love superhero games. As for Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom and Two Worlds, the $30 that I paid for both of these games combined is pretty reasonable.

I'll be playing Eternal Sonata this weekend if I get the chance. I think I'm getting reasonably close to the end of the game. I can't see there being much more than 10 hours of so left before I've finished off the last chapter in the game. There is one achievement that I'd like to pick up but I have no idea how long it will take to complete the task.

I'm enjoying Eternal Sonata and that's all that matters for now. Lost Odyssey isn't going anywhere so I've got time.

Have a great weekend everyone!