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Friday, June 6, 2008

Spring Cleaning

With Bully almost finished, I've been looking ahead to the games I'll be playing next. First, I considered finally tackling Half-Life 2 and even went so far as to announce my plan on my other site. But after updating the list of games currently comprising my video game library, I decided to focus on some of the older games that have been forgotten and abandoned for too long.

In selecting the games that I want to play, I first looked at my list of games. I have a lot of games that I purchased off eBay and never played. Most are games that received good reviews but remain unplayed due to bad timing. Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, and Portal forced me to put a lot of other games on hold.

I'm also looking for games that have an easily beatable average user gamerscore as listed on MyGamerCard.net. I like knowing that I've put more effort into playing a game than the average Joe. My wife thinks it silly for me to be so concerned with racking up meaningless points in an ongoing contest that has no real winners, losers, or prizes. Then again, why did I try so hard to achieve 100% completion in GTA III? Clearing achievements and earning gamerpoints is more of a contest I play against myself. It's like sitting down to play solitaire on your PC. Instead of a mouse, I have a controller; instead of cards, I have guns, spells, hockey pucks, boxing gloves, pinatas, and bright gardens; and instead of high scores, I have a global leaderboard upon which my gamertag proudly sits.

With a goal of playing my largely ignored and easy-to-beat games, I've come up with the following list of games that I'd like to tackle after Bully:

Lost Planet: Capcom's a great company and I love their games. I've never played Lost Planet but I've always wanted to fire up this game and finally tackle this mash-up of arctic tundra and Starship Troopers.
MGC Average GamerScore: 134 GamerPoint
My Expected GamerScore: 500 GamerPoint

Rockstar's Table Tennis: I bought this game brand new from my local EB Games and played it once. I really liked Top Spin 2 so there's no reason that I wouldn't enjoy a little table tennis action.
MGC Average GamerScore: 61 GamerPoint
My Expected GamerScore: 65 GamerPoint

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter: I finished the training mission for G.R.A.W. a while back. And then the game went into the archive section of my video game library. The graphics, sound, and gameplay were all pretty sweet from what I vaguely remember from my time with the game. I guess we'll see how good my memory holds up now that I've played the latest batch of latest and greatest games.
My Expected GamerScore: 217 GamerPoint
My Expected GamerScore: 300 GamerPoint

Once I've finished off these three games, I'll probably tackle either Half-Life 2 or Condemned 2: Bloodshot. Truth be told, both of those games scare me so I'll have to see which I choose to play. Both are great games!

I'll be back next week with my final thoughts on Bully and comments on whichever oldie-but-goodie I start playing. I'll also finish up my Bully:Scholarship Edition achievement guide.

Have a great weekend everyone!