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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dueling Hobbies

As you may or may not know, I was first and foremost a poker blogger. My other site, Klopzi's Mediocre Poker, has been kicking around the Internet for a few years now. Why am I telling you this? It seems that my recent weekend at the poker tables has got me re-introducing poker into my day-to-day life. Unfortunately, this will come at the expense of my video game hobby.

I'll continue to post regularly about various gaming news. And I'll continue to discuss the games I'm playing and those I'd like to play. However, it will probably take me quite some time to finish off Lost Odyssey.

It's always difficult trying to balance work, home, family, and hobbies. And when you have two hobbies such as poker and video games duking it out for every scrap of free time, things can get a little crazy.

As things stand, I'm committed to maintaining The Greedy Gamer as an active web site. I really like how things are turning out around here and hope to keep things going. And let's not forget that I'm only a few bad beats (poker terminology for losing a poker hand due to poor luck) away from making video games my sole addiction yet again.

On the Lost Odyssey front, I've almost finished off Disc 1. I'm really enjoying the game and looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds. In fact, I may give Lost Odyssey a shot tonight.

Have a good one!


Nehalem75 said...

I feel your pain about the duelling hobbies lol. My dilema comes from trying to combine the 360 and Pogo.com along with 3 PC online games that I was actively involved in (Roma Victor, Project Entropia & Goonzu). Entropia & Goonzu have more or less died a death with me right now but I'd love to get back to Roma Victor, a huge totally 100% sandbox RPG. All this on top of a real day-to-day life ...

Klopzi said...

Nehalem -

It's a juggling act. My biggest issue with poker is that it consumes time both at and away from the tables. Poker's funny that way: if you're not playing it, you're thinking about it.

That's why I find video games to be such a nice hobby: low stress, low thought, and just plain fun.