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Friday, July 18, 2008

Fallout 3: Trailers and Gameplay

Another huge game that I'm looking forward to this Fall is Fallout 3. I've already discussed Fallout 3 a few times in the past but today - we have trailers! Thanks to fine folks at Kotaku, I've got a few Fallout 3 clips to show you today.

The three videos below are the Teaser Trailer, the "Shelter" Trailer, and a Live E3 Gameplay Demo video for Fallout 3. Enjoy!

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I also played a little Lost Odyssey again last night. Nothing much is happening in the game right now that I can discuss without giving out spoilers. Here's the gist though: Kaim, Seth, and Jansen are trying to speak to the immortal Queen of Numara. Her name's Ming and her "regal" attire is pretty damned skimpy. The air conditioning must be on the fritz in Numara.

In all fairness, I'd probably parade around in a thong too if I was the immortal Ruler of a country...

In any case, Lost Odyssey is getting a little more exciting as I continue to make my way through Disc 2. More political intrigue, tougher battles, and cooler special abilities. I can't wait for my characters to turn that corner where all the enemies that they fight die quick, horrible deaths.

On that note, have a great weekend!