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Friday, July 4, 2008

Game Preview: Diablo III

I'm a little late in getting this news posted up on The Greedy Gamer. All I can say in my defense is that I have many responsibilities in my life and gaming represents but a piece of who I am and what I do. In any case, you've no doubt heard by now that Diablo 3 is coming to a PC near you at some point in the future. And let me tell you: Diablo III looks great!

I loved Diablo II! For me, it represents the best of what video games have to offer: great story, great graphics, awesome sound and score, and addictive gameplay. If you haven't played Diablo II and don't plan on doing so either (shame on you), I've embedded all the cut-scenes from Diablo II immediately following the Diablo III cinematic trailer and gameplay video. These videos are required viewing for anyone out there with even the slightest interest in the Diablo series. I can't think of many cut-scenes in any other games that come close to the quality of Blizzard's offering of cinematics found in Diablo II.

As for Diablo III, early videos look awesome! I love that Blizzard has kept the feel of Diablo II alive for this new addition to the classic Diablo series. I'm no longer a PC gamer but I'll have to find a way to buy and play Diablo III when it's released. In my heart of hearts, I hope that Microsoft offers Blizzard a huge wad of cash in return for an Xbox 360 adaptation of Diablo III (or even Diablo II for that matter). In the meantime, I'll just watch the following videos and hope for the best.

Diablo III Trailer

Diablo III Gameplay

Getting excited? Keep up on all the Diablo III news by visiting Blizzard's Official Diablo III Web Site, Official Diablo III Forums, and DiabloFans.com!

The following videos comprise all the cut-scenes found in Diablo II. From its opening credits to the closing of Diablo II's Lord of Destruction expansion pack, it's all here. If you've played Diablo II, relive your days of playing the game non-stop with your eyes glued to your 17" CRT monitor. And if you have never played Diablo II, I recommend that you buy yourself a copy before spoiling the fun by watching the videos below.

All set? Enjoy!

Opening Cinematic

Act II


Act IV

Diablo II Epilogue

Lord of Destruction Opening Cinematic (Act V)

Lord of Destruction Epilogue

I'll be back next week with Part 6 of my Next-Gen RPG Guide, an overview of Lost Odyssey's combat system, a look at what reviewers are saying about Silicon Knights' upcoming Too Human, and much more.

Happy Fourth of July to my U.S. readers!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend everyone!