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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Manhacks and Teleported Cats

True to my word, I played a little more of Half-Life 2 last night. After fighting my way through some rather large groups of Combine soldiers, I now find myself alone beneath the streets of City 17. Surrounded by radioactive goop, there's nothing left to do but guide Gordon Freeman around a rather treacherous environment in an attempt to unlock a door for some stranded freedom fighters. If you ask me, Gordon Freeman should be able to use his gravity gun to blow apart any doors that stand in his way; however, that is not the video game way.

Besides having a ton of fun just shooting and killing some bothersome Combine soldiers, I managed to unlock a number of nifty little achievements. There are two that I'd like to discuss in particular...

I first believed that two of the achievements that I picked up last night were out of reach in my current game. I thought that I'd missed my opportunity to unlock them during the earlier stages of Half-Life 2. Thankfully I was wrong!

What cat? [5 GamerPoint]: Break the mini-teleporter in Kleiner's lab.

If you look online, the What cat? achievement becomes available when you first set foot in Kleiner's lab. The mini-teleporter can be found to the left of the lab's main doors when you first enter the lab. I never noticed the teleporter myself but I believe there is a cat sitting on the teleporter. To break the teleporter, keep hitting the buttons located on the mini-teleporter to transport the cat back and forth from one teleport pad to the other. Do this enough times and the teleporter breaks.

In my case, I only managed to get this achievement upon my second visit to Kleiner's Lab. Instead of teleporting a cat back and forth in the mini-teleporter, I used a soda can. This is an easy achievement though you'd have to know about this achievement before getting to Kleiner's Lab: this achievement is not story-related in any way.

Hack Attack! [5 GamerPoint]: Kill five enemies with a Manhack.

After making my way through numerous chapters in the game, I quickly realized that Manhacks were few and far between. Although I'd encountered some Manhacks in Nova Prospekt, I'd only managed to kill a couple Combine soldiers with them. But during the "Anticitizen One" chapter, I came across a rather large fight involving many Manhacks and a bunch of Combine soldiers. It took me ten seconds to take out three more soldiers using a few of the Manhacks attacking me.

If you're looking to kill an enemy with a Manhack, simply target the Manhack with your gravity gun and press LT BUTTON to grab it. Now find yourself a victim and launch the Manhack at him using the button. Easy as pie!

I'm not sure if I'll be playing poker or Half-Life 2 this evening. I'm only four to five hours away from finishing the game according to a friend. I'd really like to beat this game before the weekend...

Have a good one!


djanes1 said...

I broke the mini-teleporter by turning it on and jumping on top of it before it teleported.