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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Weekend with Half-Life 2

As last week came to a close, I found myself wanting to play video games. As much fun as it is to play poker, video games have a lot going for them. I decided to fire up my Xbox 360 on Saturday to see if Half-Life 2 could pull me away from the online poker tables.

Guess what? It really worked! Half-Life 2 is awesome!

I've made my way through most of Half-Life 2. For those who've played the game, I've just finished off Nova Prospekt and have started to make my way to the Citadel. A friend of mine tells me that I am getting close to the end, although it can be hard to quantify what "close" really means.

I've found Half-Life 2 to be pretty challenging so far. I can't remember the last video game that I played where I actually died repeatedly while trying to fight my way through the game's storyline. HL2 has its fair share of huge boss fights, sticky situations, and a whole lot of "too cool for school" moments.

On the achievement side of things, I still find myself trying to unlock certain achievements. I guess I like unlocking achievements far too much to simply quit them cold turkey. From now on, let's just say that I'll stop trying to unlock any achievements that require the use of a guide or walkthrough. For example, one of Half-Life 2's achievements requires scouring the game's many levels looking for hidden Lambda symbols: that's way too much work. I'll play the game through and I'll be happy with any achievements that I can unlock without looking for any online help.

The most interesting achievement that I cleared in Half-Life 2 over the weekend was the Flushed achievement. I earned 5 GamerPoint by killing a Combine soldier with a toilet. I saw my chance to clear this achievement when I happened upon a washroom in Nova Prospekt. I grabbed a toilet with the gravity gun and carried it with me from room to room. Once I ran into some nasty Combine soldiers, I approached the nastiest of the bunch and launched the toilet straight at his head. The porcellain throne connected solidly with the soldier's head, he dropped to the ground, and I got my achievement.

My plans for the next couple weeks are to finish off Half-Life 2 and then tackle HL2: Episodes 1 and 2 as soon as possible. Although I'll be playing poker every second night, I should be able to finish off all three games by the end of the month...?

It's good to be back!

Have a good one!


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