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Thursday, September 4, 2008

HL2: Episode 1 Finished!

I had no idea that I was so close to finishing off Half-Life 2: Episode 1. It took me about an hour of playing last night to put this game to rest. Next up is HL2: Episode 2. I'll start that tonight and we'll see how far I can get with it this weekend. I'd really like to put Half-Life 2 behind me soon. It was fun while it lasted but I've seen enough head-crabs in the past month to last me a lifetime.

I also tried out some game demos last night. First up was the demo for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Well, I'm just gonna say that I'm buying this game when it comes out. For all the negatives that I've heard about the game, the game played surprisingly well. I'm not a big fan of the voice actor used to voice Darth Vader but I'll overlook that minor detail. Everything else about the game was pretty great though. Gameplay and graphics were awesome. Sound effects were great! Music was great! I can see the game getting a little repetitive over the course of many hours; then again, how could anyone get sick of flinging storm troopers around?

I also gave the games Braid and Castle Crashers a look. Both were fun. And both are overpriced for Canadians. Actually, Braid may be worth $20. There's something about that game that has me wanting to play it some more. It doesn't make sense. Graphics seemed pretty standard, especially when compared to Castle Crashers awesome look and feel. We'll see if I buy Braid in the future.

Finally, I wanted to mention that I'm really looking forward to playing Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise once the price comes down a bit. What can I say? I love those kids' games!

Have a great weekend everyone!