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Monday, September 8, 2008


I was pretty sick over the weekend. It started late Wednesday night with a slight tickle in my throat. While at work on Thursday, the tickle become more of dull throbbing. Thursday evening, my throat was sore, my nose was running, and I was full-blown sick. Perfect time to spend some time with my Xbox 360!

My plan was to buy a few XBLA games: Braid, Puzzle Quest, and Poker Smash. I've tried the demo for each of these games and thought they were all pretty great. I wanted to get a few games that would allow me to play on those nights when poker just wasn't doing it for me. Most retail games require a little more time and focus to finish which is something I definitely lack when playing a lot of poker.

When I fired up my 360 at around 10 PM on Thursday night, imagine my disappointment to see the Red Ring of Death (RROD)...again. I thought that my previous RROD experience had been some sort of fluke since I'd played and finished Half-Life 2: Episode 1 since I'd last seen the three blinking lights of doom.

I unplugged all cables, removed my hard drive, and fired up my Xbox 360.


I plugged everything back in and fired up my Xbox 360.


I checked my power adapter's light while my Xbox 360 was on and off: green and yellow respectively.

And still, my 360 seemed incapable of displaying anything other than three uncaring and probably evil red, flashing lights.

By the time I'd finished playing around with my dying console, my nose was running like a faucet and I was running a low-grade fever. I called Microsoft's automated help line and repeated all the above steps twice before realizing that my Xbox 360 was well and truly gone.

I got on the phone with a Microsoft representative after attempting to register my 360 for repairs. The Xbox website told me that my 360 was not eligible for a warrantied return. And yet, a couple minutes with the helpful representative had everything resolved.

The very next morning, I received a UPS shipping label in my e-mail. I printed that off and took my 360 console (console only, no cables or hard drive) to the nearest UPS Store. My 360 should be at the nearest Xbox 360 manufacturing plant and , hopefully, a new console will be on its way back to me shortly.

I was told that the entire process takes 2-3 weeks. I can say with 100% confidence that I will christen my new Xbox 360 with a week or two of hardcore video gaming the likes of which the world of married fathers of two young boys rarely sees.

Until my new 360 arrives, no new posts will be made to this site; a moment of silence for my fallen Xbox 360. That console was with me for the birth of both of my children and saw me through some tough and tricky times on my way to a semi-respectable 20,000 gamerscore.

See you in a few weeks...or sooner...