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Friday, September 26, 2008

Weekend Gaming

It's been a few days since I posted but I didn't think anyone would mind. I've still been playing quite a bit of poker but I'll definitely be increasing my gaming frequency for the next little while. I've got a lot of great games to play and I'm anxious to start working my way through my game library.

I've been focusing on The Force Unleashed and Puzzle Quest this week. I'm not sure how far I've progressed in TFU. I've definitely had my fair share of difficult fights against overwhelming odds. I'm constantly getting my ass kicked in many of the non-boss fights in the game. It's a little embarrassing really given how powerful my Apprentice is getting. I desperately need to max out the force lightning power soon: I need more bang for my buck.

I'm also really enjoying Puzzle Quest. What an addictive little game it is! Match gems, attack your enemies, cast spells - all pretty great stuff for an old D&D nerds such as myself!

Once I've finished The Force Unleashed, I think I'll tackle Condemned 2. I'll be doing so without a guide because I think I'll enjoy the game a lot more if I simply immerse myself in the experience. I look forward to giving myself nightmares and possibly peeing myself.

Have a great weekend everyone!