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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Cheaters Guide to Lego Indiana Jones

I've played Lego Indiana Jones a few times since Saturday night. In that time, I've managed to clear 28 achievements worth 475 GamerPoint. Compared to games like The Godfather, the achievement points are flowing pretty sweetly into my gamer score.

Today, I wanted to point out a few easy achievements that you can pick up in Lego Indiana Jones without having to actually play the game. Sounds strange but it's possible to pick up an easy 80 GamerPoint without having to finish off a single Chapter in the game.

Ready to earn some easy points? Let's get to it!

Hey! You call him Dr. Jones! [10 GamerPoint]
Create and name a custom build character.

After loading Lego Indiana Jones, starting a new game, and watching the first cut-scene of the game, press the START button and exit to Barnett College. Barnett College is a staging area in the game that allows you to wander around as Indy and perform various tasks. For example, you can enter cheat codes on a chalkboard in a classroom; another room allows Indy to purchase additional characters for use in Free Play mode.

For the "Hey! You call him Dr. Jones!" achievement, you'll want to find the art room. The art room is accessible by going out a side door (East side) and walking down a cobblestone path to the art building. Inside the art room, you'll see two Lego figurines on display. Walking Indy up to a figurine allows you change various features for the Lego figurine.

Press the LS left or right until you see a mini chalkboard icon. Now press the (A) button to enter text input mode. Now make any change to the name that you like, save your change, then hit the (B) button to exit editing mode. Your achievement should unlock immediately.

Your mail is on your desk. [40 GamerPoint]
Post all parcels.

Each level in Lego Indiana Jones contains a hidden parcel. By finding these parcels (18 total) and their associated mailboxes, you can have Indy send packages back to Barnett College. These packages contain various Extras (a.k.a. cheats) that can be used to enhance or simplify the Lego Indian Jones gaming experience.

But you know what? I didn't want to scour each level of the game for hidden packages. I've sworn off these types of achievements because, frankly, finding hidden packages is not the most interesting way to spend an evening.

Luckily for me (and for you), there are some cheat codes that can be entered in the Barnett college classroom that will help you post all parcels. First, find the classroom with the chalkboard. You're there? Good - now walk up to the chalkboard to enter "cheat code entering" mode.

Perfect! Now enter the following codes to post the parcels and unlock each parcel's associated Extra:

Artifact DetectorVIKED7Beep BeepVNF59Q
Character TreasureVIES2RDisarm EnemiesVKRNS9
Disguises4ID1N6Fast BuildV83SLO
Fast Dig378RS6Fast FixFJ59WS
FertilizerB1GW1FIce Rink33GM7J
InvincibilityB83EA1Parcel DetectorVUT673
Poo Treasure WWQ1SARegenerate HeartsMDLP69
Secret Characters3X44AASilhouettes3HE85H
Super ScreamVN3R7SSuper Slap0P1TA5
Treasure x2VM4TS9Treasure x4VLWEN3
Treasure x6V84RYSTreasure x8A72E1M
Treasure x10VI3PS8Treasure MagnetH86LA2

If you entered the codes correctly, you'll be awarded two achievements: "Your mail is on your desk" for 40 GamerPoint and ...

You cheat very big! [30 GamerPoint]
Unlock all extras.

That's right! You did cheat very big! And for your efforts, you were able to unlock 70 GamerPoint. You also unlocked all the Extras which will go a long way to helping you clear the rest of Lego Indiana Jones' achievements.

For what it's worth, I recommend turning on the following Extras (via the Start - Extras menu) each time you start up Lego Indiana Jones: Treasure x2, Treasure x4, Treasure x6, Treasure x8, Treasure x10, Treasure Magnet, Fast Fix, Fast Dig, Fast Build, Character Treasure, and Artifact Detector.

And please note that cheating as described above does NOT disable achievements. I guess Traveller's Tales' game developers don't like searching for hidden packages any more than I do!

Now go get 'em!


Jon said...

Great tip thanks. Can anyone tell me what the Treasure Magnet does?