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Monday, October 27, 2008

Christmas List 2008: The List

This Christmas season, there are a total of five games that have made it onto my "nice" list. I may not go out and buy all five games before Christmas rolls around. But I will own and play all five of these games before I go about making next year's list.

Without further ado, here are the five games that I've added to my Christmas List.

  1. Fallout 3
  2. Prince of Persia
  3. Mirror's Edge
  4. Fable II
  5. Far Cry 2
I'll explain/justify my choices for each of these games as they are released.

I have one alternate title, Gears of War 2, that will be added to my list should any of my top five games be dubbed "missed opportunities" or just plain "crap". However, I anticipate that all five of my games will do quite well; in fact, Fable II and Far Cry 2 have both been given excellent reviews and sound awesome!

In the coming weeks, I'll take a look at all five of these games with trailers, video reviews, meta-scores, and anything else that I can find.

The first game that I'll be looking at will be Fallout 3 because:
  • I've been waiting for this game for a long while.
  • I know it's going to be solid and flat-out incredible.
  • I know it's going to be a real contender for Game of the Year.
  • I'm buying it in the next couple hours!
Have a good one! I'll be back tomorrow with my first impressions of Fallout 3; trailers, videos, and reviews later this week.


kurokitty said...

Fallout 3 is awesome!

Klopzi said...

kurokitty -

So far, so good. I'm only a couple hours in but I'm liking it.