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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Better Late Than Never (Boxing Day Deals)

Up here in Canada, Boxing Day is our own version of the U.S. Black Friday. Stores are full to brim with rabid shoppers looking to buy anything and everything deemed "On Sale". I once found myself working Boxing Day at a FutureShop a number of years ago: it was crazy and pathetic. Most of the deals are pretty worthless save for a few low-quality door-crasher items that sell out within the first few minutes of a store's opening.

Frankly, Boxing Day shoppers disgust me. Why not spend some extra time with your families instead? And if you must shop for "crazy" deals on Boxing Day, why not shop online instead? Most major retailers begin their Boxing Week sales online on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day!

I prefer to wait for all the brouhaha to die down before checking out my local shops for Boxing Week sales. As luck would have it, I managed to pick up four games last night at my local grocery store thanks to some must-buy Boxing Week sale prices!

Why am I buying more games? Isn't my game library overflowing with high (and low) quality games? Of course it is! But I'm the Greedy Gamer and that's what I do! I'll buy almost any game priced $19.99 or lower save for games featuring monster trucks, ATVs, horses, ponies, Barbie, wrestlers (both male wrestlers and their greased-up, bikini-clad counterparts), or college basketball.

I know, I know - I'm pretty picky when it comes to buying games. Of course, I'm always willing to bend my rules a little if I can really get a good deal. Take the games I bought last night, for example. These titles are regularly priced at $18.98 CDN; I bought them for $9.50 each. For that price, I'd even buy Dynasty Warriors: Gundam!

Here are the games I bought last night, along with their GameRanking scores, trailers, and video reviews.

CSI: Hard Evidence

Meta-Score: GameRankings (45%)


Video Review: I couldn't find a video review. I don't think that's a good thing...

Why'd I buy it? I like CSI. I like Gil Grissom. I like murder mysteries. And judging from my first half-hour with the game last night, I also enjoy weak voice-acting and horrific character models!

Cars: Mater-National

Meta-Score: GameRankings (62%)

Trailer: Ok - I couldn't find a trailer for this game. Check out some gameplay footage below...

Video Review: Nope. No video review. I'm starting to see why these games were only $9.50...

Why'd I buy it? I liked Disney Pixar's Cars movie, Mater is pretty funny, and the game was dirt cheap!


Meta-Score: GameRankings (50%)


Video Review:

Why'd I buy it? The game has John Malkovich and Jeremy Irons on the cover. Did I mention that the game was only $9.50? I hope the achievements are easy to clear...

F.E.A.R. Files

Meta-Score: GameRankings (66%)


Video Review:

Why'd I buy it? F.E.A.R. Files is a set of two expansion games to F.E.A.R. which I picked up off eBay a few months ago.  I got F.E.A.R. for about $10 and it was only fair to extend the same courtesy to its expansion set. I'm pretty sure that all of the F.E.A.R. titles will both entertain me and scare the mud out of me.

I also finished up Dark Sector last night. It was quite satisfying to finish the game. I was quite surprised at how much fun Dark Sector was to play and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a budget-title Gears of War/Half-Life 2/Resident Evil hybrid. I'd also like to discuss some of Dark Sector's achievements but I'll have to do that at a later date.

I've really got to start tackling some of these posts that I keep putting off. I'll make that my New Year's resolution!

Have a good one!