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Monday, December 29, 2008

Getting 'er done: Holiday Edition

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Holiday break! It's time for a quick gaming update! Like many gamers out there, I've spent a good deal of the my vacation spending time with my family, eating lots of food, having a drink or two, and playing video games.

After "finishing" Fallout 3 a while back, I decided to jump back in and finish off as many of the game's numerous side-quests and tasks as possible. I'm happy to say that I officially finished Fallout 3 this past Saturday:

  • Every missions was completed.
  • Every bobblehead was found.
  • All Super Mutant Behemoths were hunted down and exterminated.
  • I visited well over 100 map locations.
  • I killed, killed, and killed some more.
  • I found violins, strange Republics, a radio station, Rockopolis, and an area of the map far too irradiated to explore.
In fact, I've picked up every single achievement possible for Fallout 3, save for any of the Evil or Neutral karma-related achievements. I don't think I'll be playing Fallout 3 again solely to pick up these missing achievements though.

Don't get me wrong: I had a blast playing Fallout 3. I think I've logged well over 50 hours scouring every corner of the D.C. wasteland. But I'm done. I may or may not get the DLC for the game; I'm undecided. Do I really need to extend a 50+ hour game with a ten more hours of content? At the moment, I'm siding with "No" on this one - but I've been known to change my mind from time to time.


I finished Braid over the weekend as well. Did I resort to using a guide to help me with some of the trickier parts? You betcha! I probably sunk 20+ hours into Braid. I tried to figure out as much as I could without getting any external help. I jumped, bounced, and rewound time until my brain throbbed and my eyes bled. And then I sought the wisdom of YouTube to help me overcome any and all temporal conunudrums.

I'll do a Braid-related post in the New Year to sum up my experience with the game and to provide my readers with some help with the game. Braid is a terrific puzzle game - one of the best in recent memory. As for Braid's mysterious storyline, I'm going to go check the online forums to see if I can figure out what the hell was going on in that game. I thought the game's ending would explain everything but it really left me hanging. Maybe I missed something...?


I'm very close to finishing off Dark Sector. I was humming along nicely as a true juggernaut of destruction. And then I ran into the game's final boss at around 10:50 PM last night. I struggled to beat the game for another hour before throwing my controller in disgust. Do you ever have that feeling that you're missing something in a boss fight? A little tingling that tells you that there has to be an easier way?

Dark Sector's final boss fight is tricky but beatable if you stay calm and know what you're doing. I was a little too spastic in my combat technique to really get the job done. Flailing limbs, wild buckshots from my shotgun, and a crazily-misguided glaive did nothing to help me fight the good fight.

Tonight I plan on finishing Dark Sector. And if you'd like to see how I'll do it, just watch the video below (Warning: Spoiler Alert!). I love the Internet...


I'm not too sure what I'll be playing next. I'm leaning a little towards NHL 08. It's been a while since I've played a hockey game on my 360. And it'd be nice to see the Senators win a game for once.

Have a good one!