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Monday, December 8, 2008

Saving Midgard, One Goblin at a time

Since my last post, I've been playing a lot of Too Human. The game reminds me so much of Diablo II - which is a very good thing. The in-game graphics are immensely better than anything seen in the Diablo series. However, Blizzard's cut-scene cinematics still soundly beat out anything that Too Human is able to offer its players.

Graphics and cut-scenes aside, Too Human's gameplay and loot gathering is what has me hopelessly hooked right now. I'm very close to finishing off my first run through the game with my Human Champion character. For those who care, I've opted to follow the "air juggling" class path. My character spends the bulk of his time launching his enemies into the air and dispatching them before their bodies have a chance to hit the ground.

This particular style of attack helps Baldur, Too Human's protagonist and playable character, build up his combo meter very quickly. The combo meter is very important in that damage dealt and experience gained are both proportional to a higher combo meter level. I'm also able to better spam a special "ruiner" attack that smokes most of my on-screen enemies when my combo meter level is high.

It's very hard to talk about a game that is better experienced than discussed. If you'd like to learn more about Too Human, I highly recommend checking out both the Too Human Wiki and TooHuman.net's active forum. You'd be amazed by Too Human's fanatical following of gamers.

I also recommend watching the following video. Dennis Dyack, founder of Silicon Knights, has received a lot of flack in the past about Too Human. This video shows Dennis in a different light: that of a real gamer and huge fan of Too Human. You can tell that Dennis is proud of the game that Silicon Knights built and that he honestly loves playing the game. It's hard to watch the video and not get sucked in by Dennis' enthusiasm.

Too Human is a great game. I'm sorely disappointed that so many gamers were quick to call it a dud and cast it aside. If you're a fan of hack n' slash gaming or loot-gathering dungeon runners, Too Human is the Xbox 360 experience that you've been waiting for!

That's it for now! I've got some Too Human to play...