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Friday, December 12, 2008

Spider Farming and GRNDL Runs (Too Human)

There is one achievement in Too Human that most players strive for: Relics of a Forgotten Past. This achievement gets unlocked as soon as you've completed a seven-piece Elite armor suit. Sounds easy enough, right? Well it's not. While many players out there have managed to get their sets through various in-game exploits (e.g. duping), legit players can spend upwards of 100 hours attempting to gather up all seven pieces of the "red" elite armour necessary for the achievement.

So the question is: will I be trying for my Elite set?

The easy answer is, of course, "Yes". I'd love nothing more than to have my Human Champion and my newly-created Cybernetic Commando don their full Elite sets. But at 100 hours, I don't know if that's realistic.

There are ways to help speed up the acquisition of rare Elite armour, weapons, charms, and runes without having to resort to duping. These methods are still time consuming but technically legit.

One of the preferred methods of acquiring Elite items is to continuously replay Too Human's first Act: the Hall of Heroes. This technique, known as an HoH Run or GRNDL-1 Run, involves playing through levels 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3. Level 1-3 culminates in a boss fight against GRNDL-1.

Too Human players have been able to acquire their sets and other great loot pickups for their level 50 characters via GRNDL runs. While this method is time-consuming, the general belief is that the high percentage of mini-boss and leader fights scattered throughout the Hall of Heroes make running this level a viable choice in the quest for Relics of a Forgotten Past.

If you're looking to exploit a small glitch in Too Human, you can try the quasi-famous "Spider Farming" technique. While playing through level 3-4 of the World Serpent act, there is a particular room that contains some big Spider. Killing this Spider gives level 50 characters a good chance of picking up some red Elite items. The great thing about the Spider Farming technique is that it is possible to kill the Spider over and over without having to reload the 3-4 checkpoint. Check out the video below if you're interested in seeing the Spider Farming technique in action.

I should mention a few more things for those of you desperately looking to complete your Elite set of armour for your Too Human character:
  1. Don't bother Spider Farming or grinding levels until your character is level 50.
  2. Make sure that you've slotted enough runes or have the right equipment to get your character's Loot Drop percentage up to the maximum of 15%.
  3. Playing co-op with another player allows you to stack both players' Loot Drop percentages for a maximum of +30%. If you're looking to get your Elite set quickly, it's best to do so with a friend.
  4. If you're playing solo, try playing in replay mode or in a private co-op game to increase the number of enemies. More enemies means more bosses means more chances to score some Elite goods.
  5. Be patient. Finding Elite runes, weapons, charms, and armour depends solely on your Loot Drop percentage and some numbers generated behind the scenes by the Too Human game engine. You could get your entire set of Elite armour in one run through The Hall of Heroes or it may take you 60+ hours of Spider Farming. How lucky do you feel?
  6. I should mention that the easiest way to acquire your character's Elite weapon is at Tyr's Weapon Shop. Every time you return to Midgard with your level 50 character, check out Tyr's shop for some great weapons. One word of warning: Elite weapons typically cost 1,000,000+ bounty.

    You can also farm Tyr's shop after you've finished the game by exiting and reloading your game. If you were in Tyr's shop upon exiting the game, you'll find yourself still standing in Tyr's shop. The good news is that the weapons listed for sale changes each time you reload your game. Continue exiting and reloading until you're able to purchase your Elite weapon from Tyr's shop.
As I said earlier, I'm not sure if I'll get my Elite armour set; my elite weapon is a no-brainer. I'm going to try for the armour but I'm not too keen on sinking hundreds of hours looking for some digital trinkets. Of course, I'll continue to play Too Human for fun with friends if given the chance so I'll likely stumble upon my set at some point.

I've still got a little ways to go before either my Champion or Commando are ready to start looking for Elite items. I'm about to start Act 3 with my Cybernetic Commando; however, I'm tempted to start a second playthrough with my Level 31 Champion. Who knows? Maybe I'll come across one or two pieces of an Elite set over the weekend? That would be pretty sweet if rather unlikely.

Have a great weekend everyone!