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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

To Helheim and Back

I "finished" Too Human last night. Why the quotation marks around "finished"? Now that I've played through the game's single-player campaign, the real fun begins.

Too Human is a game best experienced over and over again. Many of Too Human's better weapons and armor come only after you've dumped thirty or more hours into building up your character. Not only does your character get stronger but the enemies you fight become more powerful and much trickier to beat.

Let me just say that I'm up for the challenge!

My immediate plans are to start up a new campaign with a Cybernetic Commando. I'd really like to try playing through the game as a ranged weapon specialist.

There are also four achievements that I'm hoping to pick up on my second play-through of Too Human:

In the NORN's Favor [10 GamerPoint]: Find and activate all available Cyberspace wells.

There are 18 wells spread throughout Too Human's four Acts. To activate a well, you simply need to walk up to the well and press the A Button button. Most of these wells are easy to spot; some are hidden and require a little work to find. Thankfully, I have a list of each well's location.

Unstoppable: Ice Forest [15 GamerPoint]: The Ice Forest has been completed without dying.

The Ice Forest appears in Act 2 of Too Human. Judging from the various Too Human forums that I've browsed, this achievement is a real b*tch to clear. For what it's worth, I plan on taking my time with this level. I'll keep my distance from any enemies and keep rolling to avoid any unwanted damage. This is going to be a tough one.

Unstoppable: World Serpent [15 GamerPoint]: The World Serpent has been completed without dying.

Too Human's third act is no pushover. There are a lot of Trolls and a ton of Dark Elves. Thinking back on my experience with this level, I'm not sure how I'll get through this without dying. The fact that I'm going to try speaks volumes for Too Human's fun game-play.

Unstoppable: Helheim [20 GamerPoint]: Helheim has been completed without dying.

I almost finished Act IV without dying last night. It was only in the final battle that Baldur finally succumbed to his enemies' relentless attacks.

Once I've completed my second playthrough, I'm going to really focus on power-levelling my original Human Champion character or my Cybernetic Commando. There are a number of achievements available to the more hardcore players willing to devote a little extra time with Too Human.

In the next couple weeks, I may also spend a little time with Fallout 3. I've got my level 20 character all ready to continue exploring the Wastes. I've still got 14 Bobble Head statues to find, 19 Mutant Behemoths to kill, a slew of locks to pick, computers to hack, people to convince, and raiders to kill. I've also got 8 quests left unfinished and a couple more weapons to build as well. Life in the Wasteland is never dull.

I can't believe just how good the games have been lately! Have a great day!