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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Too Human: Take Too

After finishing Too Human as a Human Champion, I started my run through the game's second act (Ice Forest) the other night. I'm now playing as a Cybernetic Commando a.k.a. Cybermando a.k.a. low-level rifle-lover who gets easily swarmed by enemies. After playing through Act 1 with my Cybermando, I thought I'd easily breeze through Act 2 without dying.

I could not have been more wrong.

Within my first few minutes into Act 2, I was killed when I got stuck in close-quarters combat with a few Elite Goblins (bigger and tougher) and some Polarity Goblins (bigger, tougher, and chock-full of Elemental and Status Effect attacks). It was pretty brutal to watch my little Baldur run about spamming grenade attacks before dying a horrible death.

Baldur was back to killing sixteen short seconds later thanks to a timely visit from a Valkyrie. But my hopes of picking up the Unstoppable achievement for the Ice Forest were completely dashed. I'm now pondering whether I should choose to play as a Cybernetic Defender or Cybernetic BioEngineer to earn my three missing Unstoppable achievements. Both of these character classes offer far better defense and are better able to withstand enemy swarming attacks.

For those of you wondering what differences exist between the Human and Cybernetic character alignments, I've included a couple videos for you below.

I'm hoping to get through a huge chunk of my second Too Human play-through tonight. I'm anxious to start leveling my Human Champion to Level 50, thus earning both the Legend of the Aesir and True Son of Odin achievements.

Have a good one!