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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Too Human = Too Awesome!

When I first heard about Too Human, I was intrigued. A Diablo-esque dungeon crawler set in an re-interpretation of Norse mythology? Count me in! And then the reviews came out and they seemed quite poor given the game's hype. But then I read that gamers out there were actually enjoying the game. Even X-Play seemed to like it!

Wait a second: is Too Human actually a fun and playable game that appeals more to gamer as opposed to reviewers? Was this another case of Assassin's Creed syndrome where gamers either love the game or hate the game? I bought myself a copy of Too Human last night. I can happily say that Too Human is flat-out awesome!

Perhaps I should qualify my rating of "awesome" with a few conditions. You will love Too Human if:

  • You're a big fan of dungeon crawler games.
  • You get excited when you find a rare weapons or piece of armour for your character to use.
  • You're a big Diablo/Diablo II fan.
  • You like feeling ultra-powerful and unstoppable in a video game.
  • The words "Level Up" send shivers of excitement down your spine.
In all honesty, Too Human delivers exactly the type of experience that I want from a video game.

Graphics are standard next-gen (i.e. pretty damned good).

Atmospheric sounds and score are excellent; however, the timing and aural positioning of sound effects are sometimes a little off.

But it's the gameplay where Too Human shines brightly like the sun glinting off a Valkyrie's armour as she slowly descends to take your broken and lifeless corpse to Valhalla. You see: Too Human is not hard to play. There are no complex combos to memorize. You are not required to map countless abilities to various button press sequences. Instead, the focus of Too Human is on pure, unadulterated fun. You see a group of evil nasties, you jump into the fray with your guns blazing and sword/hammer/staff swinging. You throw enemies into the air and jump up to engage them. You trigger large explosions that cause nearby enemies to fly out in all directions. You hack 'n slash big bosses while avoiding their devastating attacks. Too Human is basically a point-and-click dungeon crawler mapped to a controller and played out in a fully realized 3D world.

And what do you get for all this adrenaline-fueled fighting? A few nice cut-scenes and a whole lot of loot with which to upgrade your character. Seriously - the loot in Too Human is fantastic. I've only played through the game's first Act and I've already managed to pick up so much cool stuff for Baldur (a.k.a Baldr from Norse mythology), the game's protagonist. And even with the huge variety of armour and weapons that you'll find in the game, Too Human also allows you to customize the look and attributes of many of these items through the use of Runes. There are also Charms that can be found, upgraded, and equipped to give Baldur even more punch.

Not yet convinced? I should also mention that the game's cinematic sequences have been very pretty thus far with above-average voice-over acting. I'm sure that Too Human's story will be one of the game's weaker points judging by the reviews I've read; I'm sure I'll still like it though. The game's feel, characters, and innovative and slick fighting mechanics will help soften my heart against any flaws in Too Human's narrative.

I'm still reeling from my four-hour marathon Too Human session last night. Did you know that four straight hours of video games for a married guy with two kids is the equivalent of a teenage boy playing a game for 72 hours straight without food, water, or bathroom breaks? All I can say for now is that I can't wait to fire up Too Human again tonight. I just don't know what else to say. Too Human is an awesome game and it's a discounted title in stores.

Please go buy yourself a copy today and I'll race you to level 50! Hell - I might even be convinced to play a little online co-op in the near future!

Have a great day!