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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Halo 3 and The Flood

I didn't get the chance to try out Far Cry 2 last night. I was hoping to get my hands on a copy of the game yesterday but that didn't pan out. So I played a little bit of poker followed by some Halo 3. I'm roughly 2/3 of the way through the game and enjoying the game a little more than I thought I would.

For me, the real kicker is that the Master Chief is pretty well unstoppable. Sure, I'll die every so often when I fail to realize that a grenade's been thrown at my feet. But for the most part, Master Chief is a killing machine. I love the fact that everyone you meet in the game is either in awe of you or afraid of you. It's funny to watch the little grunts (or whatever they're called) go scurrying about once you've put the fear of God into them.

When I started playing Halo 3 last night, I was informed that something called "The Flood" had arrived. I was told that this was a bad thing. I guess "The Flood" has a habit of destroying civilizations by infecting a planet's host population and turning them into zombies or something. The whole "Flood" experience reminds me of Half-Life and Half-Life 2's head-crabs and zombie play. Unlike the Half-Life series of games, however, Master Chief made quick work of any zombies he encountered. I didn't even bother firing a single shot during the whole Flood level. I let my AI companion(s) deal with any ranged-attack "zombies" while I focused on melee combat with any "zombies" that got too close. It was also during this level that I had my first experience with the infamous energy sword.

In case you're looking for more information on The Flood, check this out.

And if you'd like to see The Flood's first appearance in the Halo series, check out the video below:

Like I said, The Flood remind me of head-crabs...

I've got three chapters left to finish before I can put Halo 3 aside. I don't think it will take me very long to finish off the game though I've been wrong before. But I'll likely bench Halo 3 as soon as I get my hands on Far Cry 2. While it's fun to play an indestructible genetically-engineered super soldier, I'm quite happy to settle for a mercenary forced to dig bullets out of his body with a knife.

Note: I'd like to apologize to all Halo fanboys out there that I've inadvertently offended due to my lack of knowledge or expertise on the subjects of Halo, Master Chief, and The Flood. Halo 3 is, for all intents and purposes, my first real Halo experience and I just don't have the time or inclination to look into all things "Halo" to better describe my current gaming experience. I did say that I was having fun with the game which could be considered a small victory for the Halo universe and those who could not live without it.

Have a good one!


Midwest Gamer Podcast said...

cool. have fun with it! i know what you mean about the similarities between headcrabs and flood. What difficulty are you playing through on?

Matt (MWG)

Klopzi said...

Matt -

I'm just playing through on Normal difficulty. I knew I wouldn't have much time to play the game and didn't really feel like "challenging" myself by playing Heroic difficulty.

I'm an FPS wimp, I guess.

Midwest Gamer Podcast said...

No, I understand. That's how I it through the first time. Also, the more people you play with, the easier it gets. I played Normal Campaign with 4 players, and it was insanely easy. I would say if you want to challenge yourself after you beat Normal. Go back and play heroic with a friend or two.

Matt (MWG)