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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Now Playing: Halo 3

After placing my 360 on the sidelines upon finishing Battlefield: Bad Company, I finally fired up my console yesterday. I was a little too tired and run-down for poker so I figured a little R & R with some video games would be good.

I fired up CSI: Hard Evidence. It's a fairly decent game if you're a fan of the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation series; otherwise, this game would be an easy pass. There are five cases that you're tasked with solving with some help from the CSI cast regulars. The cases that came up were much more mature in nature than I expected: murder, extortion, miscarriages, and sex all played roles in the various cases. CSI: HE's graphics were pretty ugly but I can't complain: the game only cost me $9.99 as part of a Boxing Day sale.

Anyway, I only had one last case to finish before I could repackage the game and sell it off to the highest bidder on eBay. I was pretty happy to finish CSI: Hard Evidence because I'm pretty sure that my brain was making some strange connection between that game and the stomach flu I had over the holidays. It's a strange thing to feel queasy while simply imagining yourself picking up a game controller.

I'm currently playing Halo 3. Although I typically try to pick up enough achievements to beat the average gamerscore posted by the Xbox 360 gaming community, I'm not willing to put that much effort into Halo 3. I'm playing the game on Normal difficulty (as opposed to Heroic or Legendary) and I'll be happy to just see the game through to its end. I don't really get the whole "Halo" thing. The game seems much like a standard FPS with average graphics and twitch gameplay.

However, I'm willing to give Halo 3 props for its excellent score and top-notch voice acting. Terence Stamp, giving voice to the Prophet of Truth, is pretty excellent. Don't know Terence Stamp? You may recognize him from Superman II:

You may also recognize him from "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" - though I wouldn't expect many of my readers to admit to it.

My plans for the next little while involve finishing off Halo 3 and hopefully starting Far Cry 2, depending on whether or not I can get my hands on the game for cheap or free. It's not that Far Cry 2 isn't worth the money: I just have a lot of games on my plate at the moment and don't need to do any more shopping right now.

Have a good one!