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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Playstation 3: Wireless Network Issues Solved

I got home last night ready to "fix" my networking woes with my new Playstation 3. I fired up the console after dinner, planning to let the PS3 download the rest of Burnout Paradise while I played with my kids. Before leaving the console to its own devices, I decided to give the download manager a quick look to see how my download was progressing. Imagine my surprise to see Burnout Paradise downloading at just shy of 1 MB/sec.

My "high-speed" internet download speed is capped at 7.0 Mbps (roughly 875 KB/sec). Burnout Paradise was downloading about as fast as could be expected. With a smile on my face, I left the room knowing that I no longer needed to fix my non-existant PS3-to-wireless-router connectivity issues. Less time spent pissing about with tech crap meant more time to spend with my wife and playing video games. I was happy.

After watching Meet The Robinsons on Blu-Ray (hilarious movie), I decided to fire up Burnout Paradise. After a lengthy installation procedure, I was all set for my second visit to Paradise City - the first visit having taken place on my Xbox 360 last Fall. Unfortunately, my downloaded copy of Burnout Paradise had to be updated to version 1.70 (i.e. Cagney pack and other fixes). I started the download process and sat back, willing to wait another five or ten minutes to play.

Then it happened...

My game update was canceled due to a network error. I'd been dropped from the Playstation Network. Hmmm. The problem resembled the network woes that other PS3 users had experienced and still complain about online. Since my wireless connection had been rock solid during my earlier download, I decided to try the game update again. No dice. A third time proved fruitless as well.

Are you having issues with your PS3-to-wireless-router connectivity? I fixed my problems in a matter of minutes by:

  1. Assigning my PS3 a static IP address. I made sure to use a local IP address below the range of IP dynamic IP addresses dished out by my router ( and above). In my case, I went with
  2. I then set up my router to have that IP placed in my wireless router's DMZ.
You can check out the detailed instructions right here. Although the instructions refer to a Linksys WRT54GS router, you can replicate these steps on any brand of wireless router available as long as you're familiar enough with your router's various menus and options.

If setting up your DMZ does not fix your problems, you have a few other options:
  1. Set the transmission speed for your wireless router from Auto to 11 Mbps. You could likely go less depending on your current high-speed internet plan. My plan only allows for a maximum download speed of 7.0 Mbps.
  2. Disable the PS3's media server settings. This seems to be essential for Linksys WRT54GS users but I'm sure others are affected.
  3. Update your router's firmware.  This is far easier to do than you think.  Just check out your router's manufacturer web site for further details.
  4. Buy a new router. Make sure that it is PS3-compatible straight out of the box.  How do you know whether or not your new router will be compatible? Go to Google and search on "PS3 [router name]", obviously inserting your new router's name in place of "[router name]". Try to find a router that returns a search with the least amount of pissing and moaning forum threads.
Now that I have my Playstation 3 playing nicely with my wireless router, I'm ready to dive into some of the PS3's great games. After playing Burnout Paradise last night with the new Legendary Cars pack purchased and installed, I have to admit to having a pretty serious geek-crush on my PS3. The Xbox 360 is a great machine but the PS3 is just so damned sexy!

My plans for tonight are to play some LittleBIGPlanet, Burnout Paradise, and perhaps download the PAIN demo from the PSN store.

Have a good one!