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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quick Update: Far Cry 2

I played quite a bit of Far Cry 2 over the weekend. And, as I suspected, I love it! Awesome game and tons of fun! I'm finally getting tough enough to take out entire guard posts without breaking a sweat. Of course, everything's easier when manning a gun turret mounted on an jeep.

I have to say that I'm really liking the "buddy" system used in Far Cry 2. It allows me to enter any situation with quite a bit of bravado. If I happen to die, I don't need to worry since my buddy will come bail me out. Of course, if you die with your buddy already on-site, the effect is a little more permanent.

Although I enjoyed my weekend of Far Cry 2, I've tried to set some of my focus back on poker again. Until I hit a big losing streak and lose confidence in my abilities as a poker player, Far Cry 2 will take a backseat. But the way that I play poker, I expect to be firing up Far Cry 2 in no time!

Have a good one!