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Monday, March 16, 2009

More Ways to Spend $60

In Friday's post, I listed some of the games that I think may be worth buying for full retail price. However, I omitted one superb-looking title that was responsible for me writing that post in the first place. I've also rethought my stance on one game based on the development team behind the title.

Check out the trailers and my thoughts on some upcoming games that may justify their $60-$70 price tags after the jump.

Truth be told, I have complete faith in Batman: Arkham Asylum. I've played most Batman games released across multiple platforms and have enjoyed them all. I loved the Batman animated series. And the latest trailer looks absolutely amazing. I really hope that Batman: Arkham Asylum raises the bar for all future superhero-themed video games.

On Friday, I said that I was unsure about inFamous. I thought the game looked like an over-hyped and mindless action title. And then I remembered that Sucker Punch Productions was developing the game. I'm now singing a different tune and think that inFamous could be outstanding. I loved the Sly Cooper series of games for the PS2 and I have complete faith in Sucker Punch to put out the type of game that I'd love to play!

There are quite a few titles due out later this year but I think I've covered most of the titles coming out soon that I'd like to play. Of the games I listed, I'm most looking forward to Wheelman, Assault on Dark Athena, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and inFamous. I hope that these games review well. If they do, they're mine!