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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

PS3 Online Trophy Support Finally Here!

Big news today on the PlayStation 3 front. Now that trophy support is mandatory in all future PS3 games, Sony has finally added online trophy support to the PlayStation Network. Instead of trying to remember which trophies I've earned across my PS3 games, I can now check my PSN profile to view my current trophy case.

I checked out the new trophy support this morning. Everything looks great save for one small hiccup. Last night, I forgot to sync my trophies with the PlayStation Network; my PSN profile does not show any of newly acquired trophies. I'm not sure why Sony can't get some form of auto-sync working with their trophy system much like Microsoft's achievement system. I was even connected to the PSN as I played last night so requiring me to manually sync my trophies is pretty unacceptable. I'm sure they'll fix this issue in time.

I'm most excited about the implications of having Internet-enabled trophy browsing. If all goes well, developers on sites such as PlayFire and PS3Trophies.com could finally offer PS3 gamercards that update automatically based on current PSN data. The Xbox360 has a number of web sites that do just that; I use MyGamerCard.net's functionality to post my Xbox 360 gamercard right here on my site.

Here's a video detailing the new PSN trophy support if you're interested:

In other news, I'm going to hold off on playing Metal Gear Solid 4 for about a month or so. I've heard rumors that Konami may add trophy support to the game. If that's the case, I'd much rather hold off on playing MGS4 until trophies are fully integrated into the game.

In the meantime, a friend will be lending me Resistance 2. I never played Resistance: Fall of Man but I think I'll be alright in terms of the story. I'll just check out GameTrailers and GameFAQs and see if I can dig up some of the background story. I'll be back with more about the game once I've got my greedy little hands on it!

For now, enjoy this trailer for Resistance 2.

Have a good one!