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Friday, March 27, 2009

A Visit to Vegas and Metropolis

With Wheelman's reviews coming up a little short, my gaming schedule has a rather large gap in it. While I await price drops on a number of games, including Dead Space, Silent Hill Homecoming, and Fable 2, I've been going through my game library to find a couple titles to keep me busy. Thankfully I have a large backlog of games packed with a enough variety to keep me busy while I try to find my next AAA title to play.

After a little thought, I think I'm going to give Rainbow Six Vegas and Superman Returns their days in the sun, along with the ever-present Burnout Paradise and some PSN games to fill in the gaps.

As is customary whenever I announce the new games I plan to play, feel free to check out the game trailers and reviews embedded after the jump.

Raibow Six Vegas: Trailer

Rainbox Six Vegas: Reviews

Superman Returns: Trailer

Superman Returns: Reviews

Superman Returns sounds like a real hidden gem, doesn't it? All sarcasm aside, have a great day and a terrific weekend!


Linford Butler said...


Personally, I wasn't terribly keen on the original RSV; I thought it played in quite a clunky manner. However, Burnout action can never go amiss.

As for Superman Returns, it doesn't look bad, but I'm never one to go off trailers. You'll have to let me know what it's like when you're done.


PlayStation3 Editor
Gamer's Guide to Life

Klopzi said...

I'm finding RSV to be pretty damned difficult. I'm not the greatest FPS player and my strategy for overcoming enemies seems to be the "charge" tactic. RSV has done a good job of putting me in my place while also cutting me some slack from time to time. I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would.

As for Superman Returns, the game was very average. It's one of those games that I pushed myself to finish despite the fact that I wasn't really enjoying myself. It was a little more fun with the game's cheats enabled. In the end, I'm glad that it's done. If anything, Superman Returns gives me a better appreciation for the good games out there.