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Monday, March 9, 2009

A Weekend of Fun...and Aliens, Gore, and Guns

I played a few hours of Resistance 2 over the weekend. I'm making good progress in the game having finished off the first four areas of the game with little fuss. Of course, I'm playing on the Casual setting. If they wanted me to play on a higher difficulty setting, they'd have made some sort of trophy for it!

Oh wait - they did...

Despite limiting my chances of picking up the OMGWTFBBQ gold trophy, a hilariously-named trophy awarded for completing the single-player campaign on Superhuman difficulty, I've been doing pretty well. Resistance 2 is definitely a poor man's version of Gears of War though that match-up might be a little unfair to Resistance 2. Instead, let's say that Resistance 2 soundly beats Area 51: Blacksite in a match-up of average human vs. alien FPSes.

I am enjoying Resistance 2's gameplay but the game's story and characters are a notch below what I've come to expect from "A" titles. It's a shame: the game has a lot of potential given the inherent coolness of alternate history storylines. I haven't finished the game yet so maybe things pick up at some point in the last 3 or 4 chapters of the game.

I've just started the "Chicago" area and I don't care about the game's main protagonist (Lt. Hale) nor any of his compatriots. I don't think I could even come up with the name of one other character in the game save for Dr. Malikov and Jordan Shepherd. Dr. Malikov is a genetic engineer or something who always needs saving. As for Jordan Shepherd, he's not really helping Lt. Hale at the moment - though maybe he will. That would be a nice and completely nonsensical little twist to an otherwise predictable game. Of course, I've read over the list of trophies so I think I've got a rudimentary idea of how things will play out.

I will admit that I'm finding many parts of the game to be quite difficult. Any time I run into the hordes of zombie-like guys (note: I thought they were called Spinners but I'm way off in this regard), I tend to die. On the plus side, hordes of enemies are great for racking up the kills needed for certain trophies.

I really like the work that Insomniac games has done in the past. I still feel that Resistance 2 just doesn't have the polish or TLC that was given to Insomniac's other big franchise - Rachet & Clank. Then again, I'm probably one of very few gamers who value cutscenes and story over gameplay in a first-person shooter title.

Before I go, I've got a couple Resistance 2 videos. The first is a walkthrough to help players survive the Mother Spinner boss battle. And the second will help with the first (beginning of video) and subsequent encounters (1:45 into the video) with the Swarm. These two parts of the game had me scratching my head a little. I'm not sure why the videos are so dark. I like to play with my brightness cranked so that my whites appear "whiter-than-white" and my blacks appear "whiter-than-blacks". Only ninjas and vampires like the dark and I am neither of these things.

In case you missed it, both of the walkthroughs above were provided courtesy of NextGenWalkthroughs.

Have a good one!

PS: By the way, I did want to mention that I'm also thoroughly enjoying Resistance 2 despite my constant bitching about the game. I just had high expectations for this PS3 exclusive title that's supposed to be competing with Gears of War 2 in terms of awesomeness.


Nikki said...

You might want to check out Resistance 1. I had fun playing it. I haven't played Resistance 2 yet but my boyfriend, who is a huge Resistance 1 fan, was disappointed.

Klopzi said...

Nikki -

I finished off Resistance 2 last night. It's not the game was bad; in fact, many parts of the game were superior to a number of FPSes that I've played in my time.

But the story is a little plain. There are some cool parts but nothing mind-blowing. Kudos go to Insomniac for coming up with a fairly interesting series of events following the destruction of the game's final boss. In the end, I put Resistance 2 away with a smile on my face.

As for the original Resistance, I'm far too much of a trophy-whore to play non-trophy-enabled games.

It's a sickness, I know...

Nikki said...

I have a similar sickness but only for 360 achievements. Now I find games without achievements or PS3 games (with or without trophies) somewhat relaxing because I can just play, without feeling compelled to maximize the number of achievements I get.

Klopzi said...

My original intent was to enjoy PS3 games, playing them just for the sake of playing. But as soon as trophy support became mandatory in January of this year, my outlook changed.

I'm now holding off on playing MGS4 until Konami confirms trophy support.

I used to think that gamerpoints were better then trophies but I'm starting to see the value in both systems. I like the simplicity of the PS3's trophies and their leveling system.

Nikki said...

I don't really think the 360's system is better, just for some reason the PS3 trophies don't matter to me. Maybe because they weren't around when I bought the system. The 360 achievements definitely have their hooks in me. I'm replaying Mass Effect for the 4th time and making sure to do the 51 side quests necessary to get the Asari Ally achievement.

I'd be interested to know what you think of MGS4. I couldn't get into it at all. Probably because in general, I don't like stealth games and I haven't played the other Metal Gear games.

Klopzi said...

I could see myself not caring about trophies if I'd picked up my PS3 before they became standard with all new games. I've noticed that many PS3 users don't seem to care about trophies for the time being - though I expect that to change in time. The same phenomenon took place with gamerpoints when they were first introduced.

I'll likely play MGS4 at some point, sooner rather than later if trophy support is finalized. I've only played MGS2 but I'm a fan of stealth games.