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Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Impressions: Silent Hill: Homecoming

I popped in Silent Hill: Homecoming at 10:50 PM last night. I installed the game to my 360's hard drive.

At 11:00 PM, I entered Silent Hill...

From the get-go, Silent Hill: Homecoming was creepy. Creepy atmosphere, creepy situation, and a creepy litte kid drawing creepy little drawings of creepy little bunnies. The tension continued to build up to the point when a far off air siren sounded. The siren marked a change in my environment from spooky "abandoned" hospital to gross, rusty, and uber-creepy hospital.

And then I fought my very first "zombie" nurse. She (or "it") went down without much fuss: six little stabs and two big swipes with a combat knife were enough to put it down for good.

Over the course of my first Silent Hill: Homecoming session, I proceeded to fight a handful of nurses and a bunch of blood-sucking beetles. I stuck my hand in hole in the wall in order to retrieve a bloody child's plaything. And I may have had my first encounter with a certain enemy who does his talking with a very big sword while sporting some form of pyramid-like object on his head. I didn't actually see this fellow with my own eyes but I knew it was him.

Was Silent Hill: Homecoming as scary as I thought it'd be? Not yet. But I'm only 50 minutes in.

Tonight I plan on scaring myself silly as I continue to explore a little place called Shepherd's Glen. It's a nice yet foggy little town built upon the shores of Toluca Lake. Any other little towns near Toluca Lake? Well, I know of one: Silent Hill.

I'm ready to be scared. Let's do this...