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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

She's Got Legs...

I continue to surprise myself by actually enjoying Silent Hill: Homecoming. It's still rather creepy and tense but I'm getting used to the thrills and chills that await Alex Shepherd around each and every corner. The first time a skinned dog comes at you, it's scary. The fifth time? Not so much. During last night's session, I happened upon some rather horrifying looking creatures that put the dogs, lurkers, and naughty nurses to shame.

Pictured above is the lumbering hulk known as a Siam. This monstrosity has both a male and female side. The male side is the one that you'll face as the creature comes charging at you. It looks like a mix between a man, a rhinoceros, and a sack filled with spoiled meat. On the Siam's back is a "woman" bound and tied with legs flailing.

I thought that I'd find the Siams to be quite scary to fight but that's not really the case. What the Siam brings to the table is strength and not speed. It's easy to dodge the lumbering hulk's hits which opens up the opportunity to lay waste to the Siam's weaker female backside. Using either the shotgun or the axe, you should be able to take down the Siam by hacking and shooting the Siam's flailing gams. I'll admit that it's pretty disturbing to find yourself hacking away at human female legs but that's part of Silent Hill's psychologically damaging charm, I guess.

I'm currently sick with a cold so I'll likely focus on Silent Hill: Homecoming tonight instead of poker. In the game, I'm currently back in Shepherd's Glen after a little romp down in the sewers. FYI: going into the sewers in a survival-horror game is never a good idea.

Have a good one!