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Monday, May 11, 2009

And so our story begins...

On Friday night, I prepared myself and popped in Fable II. I'd heard a lot about the game, both good and bad, and was anxious to finally experience the game for myself. What followed was a weekend filled with action, adventure, and lots of laughter.

Unlike many of today's big game titles, Fable II does not take itself seriously. At the same time, it appears quite technically sound after my first seven hours with the game. Graphics are great - colourful, stylized, and bright - and bring the world of Albion to life. There have been a few slowdowns in certain area where the action gets a little thick but that's expected in any RPG where the game's focus is not on maintaining 60 FPS.

Voice acting and story are all top-notch. It's incredible how well a game can present itself when enough care is put into the story and the game's presentation. Fable II starts off with a bang (well, two bangs, a crash, and a thud) and then slows down. Again, this is typical of many RPGs and something that I like. I don't need constant intensity to keep me interested. The world of Albion seems pretty huge to me at this moment. It's nice that I can sit back and take everything in at my own pace.

Fable II's gameplay is easy and satisfying. See bad guys, choose your weapon (sword, ranged attack, or spell) and start killing. Very nice. I think the menu system could have used a little work but it's a minor concern at this point.

My immediate goals in Fable II are the following:

  • Get a job as a barman. I've seen Cocktail and feel up to the challenge.
  • Continue buying up real estate. I started off the game by doubling the prices of all merchandise and rent for all of my purchased businesses and buildings. However, after reaching 100% corruption I've decided to turn a new leaf and work on becoming 100% pure. I currently set my rental prices cheap and keep my business prices quite average.
  • Go on a date, get married, and have two kids. I'm planning on recreating my real-world family in digital form. This means that I'll be foregoing the achievements related to bigamy or swinger parties. When it comes to marriage, my day-to-day morality supercedes my desire for easy achievement points.
I may also visit Knothole Island sometime this week. And I can't wait to purchase and download the "See The Future" DLC coming out tomorrow.

Have a great evening!