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Friday, May 15, 2009

Fable II: More addictive than...

I've noticed a few things about Fable II...

First - it's much easier to become evil than it is to become good. Playing the lute and eating tofu are both terribly slow ways of improving one's moral standing.

Second - Fable II is incredibly addictive. I'm losing sleep over this game because I can't seem to stop playing. I stayed up late last night chopping wood and buying furniture for a house that I plan to use as a marital home.

And finally, Fable II is fun. It's one of those rare games that combines great graphics and immersive world with a good amount of lighthearted fun. Game developers should take note and stop focusing solely on creating dark and gritty games. Change is nice!

This weekend is a long weekend up here in Canada. On the Fable II side of things, I plan on getting married in the game, having a couple kids, clearing up some more random achievements, and focusing more heavily on Fable II's actual storyline.

Have a good one!


Digital Freya said...

I was actually disappointed by Fable II's online play. Huge let down, but other than that it was a satisfying game. I also think the reason why it's easier being evil is because being good is a harder chore. What I hate about it is the fricken one beer you're fat rule.