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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Silent Hill: Homecoming's Endings and Unlockables

I finished off Silent Hill: Homecoming over the weekend! I decided to forgo clearing all five endings to the game and instead focused on beating the game twice. Although I failed to see one of the cooler endings available (i.e. Bogeyman ending), I'm still happy that I was able to control my fear and beat a creepy game.

Just for fun and for interest's sake, I've decided to post all five endings to Silent Hill: Homecoming after the jump. I'm also including details of any unlockables that come bundled with each ending. One warning: this post will contain some very minor spoilers to Silent Hill: Homecoming.

I beat SH: Homecoming and watched two of the game's five possible endings. The UFO ending was the first that I cleared. My second time with the game had me clear the Smile ending. If you're keen on picking up all possible endings to Silent Hill: Homecoming, there are three key points in the game that will determine which ending you'll receive. These key points all occur within the last 20% of the game so it is somewhat easy to clear all endings rather quickly with some nifty use of your save game files.

There are three key decisions to make in Silent Hill: Homecoming:

  • Decision 1: When Alex encounters his mother in the prison, he may choose to show her mercy (A) or let her suffer (B).
  • Decision 2: When Alex encounters his father in the church, he may choose to forgive his father (A) or condemn his father (B).
  • Decision 3: When Alex encounters a seriously injured Deputy Wheeler in the Underground, he may choose to heal him (A) or let him die (B).
Using different combinations of the three key decisions listed above, here are the five possible endings to Silent Hill: Homecoming.

Ending 1: Smile (Good Ending)
To unlock this ending, choose decisions 1-A, 2-A, and 3-A.
This ending unlocks the Trucker Alex costume.

Ending 2: In Water (Drowning)
To unlock this ending, choose decisions 1-A and 2-B.
This ending unlocks the Order Member costume.

Ending 3: Judgement (Bogeyman)
To unlock this ending, choose decisions 1-B, 2-B, and 3-B.
This ending unlocks the Bogeyman mask.

Ending 4: Intensive Care (Hospital)
To unlock this ending, choose decisions 1-B and 2-A.
This ending unlocks the ER Alex costume.

Ending 5: No Dogs Allowed (UFO)
To unlock this ending, choose decisions 1-B, 2-B, and 3-A.
This ending unlocks the Laser Pistol and the Sheriff costume.

For what it's worth, I liked Silent Hill: Homecoming. It was a very atmospheric and tense game. It may not have been as disturbing as some of the series' other entries but I was fine with that. Although I could have easily finished the game a few more times to pick up all endings, I decided to cut my Silent Hill experience a little short and move on to Gears of War 2.

Speaking of Gears 2, it's been a great game so far! Amazing graphics, solid VO, and tight gameplay. I'm looking forward to guiding Marcus Fenix and crew through another blood-soaked campaign to Hell and back.

Have a good one!