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Monday, May 25, 2009

What a Weekend!

It looks as if I've reached the point in Fable II where my character is completely unstoppable. I'm also rich beyond belief, have a wife and kids who are amazed at their terrific quality of life, and the World of Albion acknowledges me as their saviour. Not bad for a couple days of gaming...

I'm most happy with my characters outfit. Rather than parading around in a ridiculous combination of hats and coats from various clothing traders, I've settled on the full suit of armour gathered on Knothole Island. Although I'd have preferred to change the colour of the armour from white with gold trim to black with gold trim, the armour's colour changes based on your character's morality. I guess good guys wear white armour.

I'm also sporting a nifty mace and a rather nasty turret rifle.

For those who know Fable II, I'm currently working on the Hero of Skill quest. However, I'm trying to complete as many sidequests as I can when possible. I saved Knothole Island from their weather problems and look forward to stepping inside the "See The Future" cursed snowglobe as well. As much as I'd like to get revenge against Fable II's antagonist, he can wait.

I'll be focusing rather heavily on completing as many quests as possible this week. I'd also like to open all of the Demon Doors scattered about Albion. I've opened four of them; another five to go.

Have a good one!