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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good Times With Monkeys and Zombies

It's been a pretty busy week for me. I've been meaning to put up a review of The Secret of Monkey Island (Special Edition) and my first impressions of Resident Evil 5. But I'll likely be too busy playing RE5 to write about it. So check out my comments on both games along with the requisite video reviews and trailers after the jump.

I'm going to start with The Secret of Monkey Island. Not much to say about this game except to say it's incredible! I played it back on my PC in the old days. I downloaded it last Thursday evening and had it finished by Saturday afternoon. I just couldn't stop playing it! The game brought back so many memories. I had an incredible time playing it!

Even though I have trouble remembering what I ate for breakfast or where I've put my keys, I was able to remember the solution to many of Monkey Island's clever, funny, and challenging puzzles. It took me about 10-12 hours to finish the game. I could finish it in less time now since I'd avoid getting stumped at a few stages along the way. Some of the puzzles are just tricky and can be hard to solve without sitting back and scouring Guybrush's inventory and the environment for clues.

Graphics, voice acting, story, and gameplay are all amazing. If you've never played The Secret of Monkey Island, just buy it already. And if your a Guybrush afficianado, this game is well worth playing again if only to see the differences between the original game and the special edition remake. It's incredible!

As for Resident Evil 5, I can honestly say that I've been pleasantly surprised. The game's graphics, voice acting, story, and gameplay are all top-notch. Capcom wanted to put out a good game and they've done it. It plays like Resident Evil 4 with the the mostly-pleasant addition of sidekick Sheva. I like having a partner in the game because it makes the game less tense and much more fun. I tend to play scary games from time to time. But it's nice to sit down with game like Resident Evil 5 only to discover that it's nowhere as nerve-wracking as you'd feared.

I'm very close to being finished Resident Evil 5. I probably have a couple more boss fights to pull off and that'll be that, I think. Speaking of boss fights, Capcom has done a great job with RE5's bosses. The fights are all tense without being overly difficult. Boss enemies are all impressive and suitably horrific. All in all, these fights are incredibly well-done.

The biggest selling point of Resident Evil 5 is the game's pacing. From the time Chris and Sheva set foot in Kijuju, you'll get swept up in a story that will pull you along and compel you to keep playing until you've reached the end. It's been a great ride and I can't wait to see it through to the end.

Before I go, I'll leave you with a trailer and a couple video reviews for Resident Evil 5.



Have a good one!