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Friday, July 10, 2009

Leaving so soon?

I now remember why I stopped playing PC games. It's just too damned hard to get the simplest of games to work on older systems. And by "older systems", I mean anything that was purchased more than six months ago. I really wanted to play Tales of Monkey Island. I really wanted to play the Grand Theft Auto trilogy on my notebook computer. But today, that dream is dead.

Long story short? The Intel mobile graphics chipset in my notebook just wasn't made to play 3D games. In this day and age, it's unbelievable that this could still be a problem. While playing a little Vice City last night, everything appeared to be working until it started raining in the game.

Talk about a showstopper! Frame rates dropped to about 5 frames per second as my crappy shared-memory video card desperately tried to keep up with the game. Strangely enough, a 64 MB standard video card would probably run GTA: Vice City much better than my 384 MB internal shared memory card.

So that's it for me. No Monkey Island, no Grand Theft Auto, no PC gaming. All I can do now is wait for my next notebook upgrade. I guarantee that I'll be avoiding shared memory video cards from now on. Just because I don't buy notebooks for gaming doesn't mean that I wouldn't mind playing the occasional game or two.

My plans for the weekend are to play and finish Ghostbusters. I played it for about 30 minutes last night and it was fun. Graphics are a little rough at times and my 360's sound kicked off at one point early in the game but overall, the game is fun. I also decided to play the game on "Casual" difficulty. Probably a good thing considering how smashed up I got in my first encounter with ghosts.

Have a great weekend!