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Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Night in the Life

This was originally posted at my other site - Klopzi's Mediocre Poker. I'm really tired today, one of the reasons being a little game called inFamous, so I don't mind this rare cross-post. Have a good one!

I hit a new low for lack of sleep last night. I'm not sure how it is that I'm still standing and alert. Who knows - maybe I'm dreaming right now? How sad would it be if I were simply dreaming of writing up a post right now? I'm not even sure if I'd remember all that I'm typing if I did happen to wake up. That would suck: I hate having to re-type posts.

Check out my night after the jump.

8:30 PM: Eat dinner and watch The Pink Panther 2 with my wife. Dinner comprises a couple guacamole/bacon-stuffed hotdogs and a makeshift pasta salad made from the leftovers from my kids' dinner earlier that evening. My wife did not have any pasta salad claiming that the pasta was pretty gross and I could "eat it if I want". My wife knows that I always need a side dish, God bless her. I added some parmesan cheese and voilá: gourmet pasta salad!

10:15 PM: The Pink Panther 2 is done. Pretty funny. Not the greatest movie ever but it's a comedy and it made me laugh: mission accomplished.

11:00 PM: Teeth brushed, boys tucked in, and ready for bed. Decide to fire up inFamous (i.e. best video game of 2009).

12:00 AM: Still wide awake but so is my wife. Keep playing inFamous hoping that I'll start getting groggy.

1:00 AM: Wife goes to sleep. I continue playing inFamous, trying to finish up all the evil side missions in the game.

1:45 AM: Still not tired but stop playing because that's what grown-ups do, right?

2:10 AM: Lights off, laying in bed listening to the fan and the crackle of the baby monitors. My left arm's bugging me - it tingles from time to time due to some suspected nerve issues in my left shoulder. Always worried that it's a symptom of heart attack or something. My doctor looked me over a year ago and said that it was a nerve issue likely resulting from my work on computers and my hobbies of video gaming and poker. Doesn't stop me from thinking about heart attacks.

2:45 AM: This is the last time that I look at the clock before falling asleep.

2:55 AM: The alarm on my wife's wrist watch goes off. I jump out of bed thinking that the smoke detector is going off. I find the watch, stop the beeping, and go back to bed. Heart now racing and fully awake.

3:04 AM: The alarm on my wife's wrist watch goes off again. I let the alarm run its course but I'm now really awake.

3:10 AM: My oldest son start crying. My wife gets up to go check on him (my kids get too excited when I go into their rooms at night because they think it's time to get up). Bad dreams? Scared? Who knows.

3:15 AM: My son start crying again. We have to leave him since we've already weened him off the whole process of us coming in and soothing him back to sleep. Parents know where I'm coming from here: give an inch and you're f*cked for a couple months.

3:20 AM: A loud cry rings out in the night. But I'm still awake. Contemplate turning on TV but I don't want to bug my wife.

3:25 AM: Son drops the hammer...again.

3:30 AM: "Daddy....Daddy!....DADDY!"

3:35 AM: Whimpers heard over the baby monitor.

3:40 AM: I hear a cry and something about water or a shark. Not sure which.

3:45 AM: Crying and a story about Lightning McQueen.

3:50 AM: Crying.

3:55 AM: Soft talking followed by a loud cry.

4:00 AM: And you get the picture. This goes on in five minute intervals until...

4:35 AM: The last time that I look at the clock. My body goes into shutdown mode. One minute I'm there and the next, I'm gone.

7:30 AM: My alarm goes off. I turn off my alarm and pray that my kids will somehow sleep in until noon. If I miss an entire morning of work, so be it.

7:45 AM: My youngest son starts crying and screaming. Good morning world!

And that was my night. Insomnia is bad. Insomnia coupled with crying kids is even worse.

I haven't played any poker this week but I'm reading as much PLO literature as I can. Jeff Hwang's book is terrific. I recommend buying it right here because it is dirt cheap. I guarantee an ROI of at least 100% within a month of reading it. It's really that good.

I've also watched a Mike Matusow PokerSavvy PLO video which was quite entertaining. Matusow is definitely a confident poker player and really goes with his reads. And I suspect he's right more often than he's wrong when playing the "low stakes" $200 buy-in tables. I also watched a PLO video from DeucesCracked. I'm not sure how much of what I saw applied at the micro-stakes tables. I'm not willing to felt with top pair against any $50 PLO villain.

No poker for me tonight. I'm simply too tired. I guess my plans of poker world domination will have to wait for the weekend.