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Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Impressions: Batman: Arkham Asylum

I don't think it comes as a surprise to anyone that I'm really liking Batman: Arkham Asylum. Everything about the game - graphics, sound, music, VO, story, and gameplay - are all incredible.

B:AA feels a lot like Assassin's Creed with the story-driven focus of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. From the moment I placed the Blu-Ray disc in my PS3, I had a smile on my face. There was an obligatory hard drive install that took about 3-5 minutes. I didn't really mind the wait because I always install games onto my Xbox 360 as well.

Upon starting the game, I was expecting to play through the entirety of the B:AA demo again in order to get to the "new stuff". Well, imagine my surprise when I learned that Rocksteady had pulled a fast-one over on me. The demo is not taken directly from the game. Instead, the demo takes bit and pieces from the retail version of Batman: Arkham Asylum and pieces everything together in a marketing-friendly (and absolutely wonderful) package.

I played Batman: Arkham Asylum for about three hours last night. I think I blinked twice. I sat and played without moving long enough to put my legs to sleep. I am giddy about how much I love the game!

There is a lot to do in this game for you completionists out there. Riddles, hidden packages, challenge rooms, and a slew of trophies all make Batman: Arkham Asylum one of the best value-added games out there. Sure, there's no multiplayer but there are leaderboards for the various challenge rooms. And, truth be told, a multiplayer mode would have ruined this game. Batman works alone. He doesn't flit about the screen, jumping like a madman and tea-bagging his enemies while shouting profanities to anyone within ear shot. Batman: Arkham Asylum doesn't need multiplayer because Batman deserves much better.

My plan is to make Batman: Arkham Asylum the first game for which I'll earn an elusive Platinum trophy. It'll probably be a little tough but I'm up for the challenge. I've always wanted to be Batman and this game appears to be my chance.

I'll be playing Batman: Arkham Asylum tonight. In fact, I'll probably be playing it every night for the foreseeable future. I'm also going to check out Playstation Home to see what all the fuss is about. I hear there's a Batman: Arkham Asylum space and I'd like to see what's up.

In case you missed my post earlier this week, I'm including the launch trailer and a few video reviews for Batman: Arkham Asylum. I'm sure you know what to expect from the reviews by now given that B:AA has scored an impressive 91% on MetaCritic.

Launch Trailer:

Video Reviews:

Have a good one!