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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Better Late Than Never: The Riddler's Challenges

I forgot to mention that I managed to solve the last of the Riddler's Challenges in Batman: Arkham Asylum a couple of weekends ago. I would have mentioned it sooner but got caught up in getting my Xbox 360 hooked up in the basement and discussing my upcoming weight loss.

The Riddler's Challenges are pretty easy to find once you've stumbled across the "secrets map" for the Arkham Asylum's map areas (or if you happen to stumble upon GameRadar's excellent guide). There are nine secrets maps to find that identify the 250 Riddler's Challenges scattered all about Arkham Asylum and its grounds. The challenges include finding hidden trophies, finding certain items, locating special "question marks" visible only in detective mode, and finding each of the Chronicles of Arkham stone tablets. While it may sound quite daunting to solve each of these challenges, it's not too bad once you have the secrets maps. These maps are not very difficult to find: they're usually found sitting on a desk - and you'll usually come across these desks during the story.

Of course, even the maps can leave you scratching your head from time to time. I got stuck a number of times in the game but managed to solve all but two of the Riddler's Challenges without online help.

I first got stuck trying to locate the last "Chronicles of Arkham" tablet in the Botanical Gardens. It was tucked away in an upper corner in an abandoned room. I had stared at that particular location for quite a while (it was identified on the secrets map) and couldn't figure out how to get up there. Oh well, I'm glad that there are others out there who are more persistent in their efforts than I.

The second tricky part was locating the three remaining chattering teeth in Arkham Mansion. I scoured the entire mansion four or five times before I gave up and looked online. Thankfully, many people had missed these three chattering teeth as well. If you find yourself having destroyed 17/20 chattering teeth in the Mansion and can't figure out where they are hiding, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Warden's office. This is the area where a certain doctor is held hostage by a certain scarred villain.

  2. As soon as you enter the office, look up. You'll have the option to grapple up to the second level. I know, I know - there's a second level to the office?! I missed this every time that I entered the office.

  3. Look around this top floor and you'll find the chattering teeth hiding amongst the maze of filing cabinets.
My plan for tonight is to finish up Stranglehold. I'm really, really looking forward to starting Lost Odyssey tomorrow night. I've been wanting to play an RPG so badly that I've considered moving my PS2 upstairs and buying myself some older PS2 to tide me over in between exercise sessions. I really should use my time a little more wisely and focus on my poker game instead of playing a couple role-playing games at the same time...right?