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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Have you ever...?

Have you ever found yourself playing a role-playing game at 12:50 AM. You just reached a save point but can't decide whether to shut down the game for the night or maybe play just a little longer?

I was at a critical point in Lost Odyssey last night. I'd just saved my game but cool stuff was about to happen - I just knew it. So I innocently took Kaim and Sarah up an escalator, watched a short cut-scene, then jumped on a magic train (makes sense if you've played the game).

From there, I spent the next 1 hour and 10 minutes stuck playing some of the greatest RPG action you could hope for. Lots of plot intrigue, a bunch of big battles, a unique section of the game played from a completely unexpected perspective, and some truly epic cinematics!

I got less sleep but it was worth it!

Tonight? More of the same!