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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pounds for Pixels: Playstation 2 RPG Update

With my PS2 now hooked up and ready for play in my exercise room, I've decided to update my original Pounds for Pixels challenge. PS2 games look good (sometimes great) on the standard definition TV sitting beside my exercise bike; Xbox 360 games look awesome on my 42" LG LCD TV in my bedroom. And that's why I've decided to focus solely on PS2 RPGs in my efforts to lose weight over the next year or two. After checking out lists of the best PS2 role-playing games, filtering out a few due to personal preference, and getting rid of some of the older and really dated stuff, I've got a pretty comprehensive list of RPGs to play.

I need to drop about 50 lbs. total. I'm also going to tack on an extra 24 lbs. to that total due to some rather-likely weight gain over the various holidays in 2009 and 2010. My Pounds for Pixels challenge is a long term goal and not a quick fix. I don't mind taking a couple years to drop the weight if that's what it takes to do it at my own pace and with as little suffering as possible.

Here's the list of PS2 games that I plan on playing. Barring extreme market scarcity, this list also represents the order in which I'll be tackling these RPGs. I've included meta-critic scores and either a video review or trailer for each game where available. You'll also notice each game title is immediately followed by my estimated weight loss over the course of playing and finishing each title.

1. Final Fantasy XII (6 lbs.)
Metacritic: 92%

2. Dragon Quest VIII (7 lbs.)
Metacritic: 89%

3. Rogue Galaxy (7 lbs.)
Metacritic: 83%

4. Odin Sphere (4.5 lbs)
Metacritic: 83%

5. Tales of the Abyss (4 lbs.)
Metacritic: 78%

6. Dark Cloud 2 (7 lbs.)
Metacritic: 87%

7. Shadow Hearts: Covenant (3.5 lbs.)
Metacritic 85%

8. Champions of Norrath (2 lbs.)
Metacritic: 85%

9. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (7 lbs.)
Metacritic: 80%

10-12. Xenosaga Trilogy (11 lbs.)
Metacritic: Episode 1 (83%), Episode 2 (73%), Episode 3 (81%)

13. Final Fantasy X (6 lbs.)
Metacritic: 92%

14. Grandia III (3 lbs.)
Metacritic: 77%

That's a pretty hefty list of old-school roleplaying games. If I can stick with this challenge - which, to be honest, is somewhat unlikely - I stand to lose 73 lbs of body weight while on my exercise bike. This number represents 730 hours of cycling or the equivalent of travelling approximately 15,000 kilometres on a bike.

And if I still need to drop more weight, there are a couple more RPGs that I could take on.

15. Shadow Hearts: From the New World (5.5 lbs.)
Metacritic: 76%

16. Growlanser Generations (7 lbs.)
Metacritic: 81%

Are there any PS2 role-playing games that you think I've missed? Are there any in the list that you think are crucial that I play as soon as possible? I'm open to suggestions.

I'm going to start looking checking eBay, my local EB Games, and Amazon for most of these games. I have Final Fantasy XII and Dragon Quest VIII; two down, fourteen to go...

I kick off my updated Pounds for Pixels challenge tonight with Final Fantasy XII!